Sunday, January 9, 2011

Hey Guys...

For whatever reason, I was done with my homework at about 4:30 this afternoon. I know, it's weird, isn't it? I'm such a procrastinator usually. But I decided to use this opportunity to blog. Because I can.*

I think I'll take this opportunity to go over everything that I am going to do in 2011.** I mean, this year is going to be big for me, and I need to wrap my head around it all. What better way to do that than bore YOU (my dear blog readers) with... stuff? Meh.

1. Later this month I'm going on Kairos. It's a religious retreat that everyone is very secretive about, and they use code phrases (like "fourth day..." or "forth day..." Something). When the students get back they are all very... hippyish? And they wear these necklaces that are like crosses. So it's like a cult meeting, basically. And I'm going. *smile*

2. In February I'm going to an engineering and leadership camp. It'll be the first time that I fly a plane by myself, too. I just hope I remember to NOT pack my firearms. That could cause a misunderstanding! *laughs gaily*

3. March contains spring break, of course. I might go to Chicago with a couple of my friends (I've never been), or I might go to the Harry Potter theme park, or I might film some videos. I honestly don't know yet. Perhaps I'll just end up sitting at home twiddling my thumbs. I certainly hope not, though.

4. In May I f***ing graduate! I mean, what the hell? My high school... I'm sure I've said it before, but I love it there. It has become like a second home to me. I've met the most amazing people, I've learned so much. And I'm going to cry so much the last week of school.***

5. I HOPE I will get to go to VidCon this summer. I've already calculated the cost and what needs to be done. My parents don't seem wholly opposed to the idea, which is good, but I need to figure out the details.

6. This summer I will have my freshmen orientation at Iowa State, which is WEIRD to think about. It'll basically be an introduction to my new home.

7. August... I start college...****

Before I move on to Reader Palooza,  I feel the need to tell you that I twitched a lot while writing this blog. That is all.

Reader Palooza!

Hannah: It has been waaaaay too long since there was a dance! Man, that was my THING during BEDA. I'm going to try to bring it back. *does the bringing back dance* BECAUSE THERE IS A DANCE FOR EVERYTHING. ;)

Nick: Your "really's" were very convincing. XD I had my friend read the story (she is brilliant and an excellent writer) and she informed me that I was not allowed to stop there. So... I dunno. Maybe there will be more later. Perhaps. *does the possibilities dance* Because there can be more than one dance in a blog.

With love,*****

*This song pops in my head EVERY SINGLE TIME I say that simple three word sentence. EVERY TIME.

**I promise the Babysitting blogs will start again. I haven't abandoned them.

***No, I'm not tearing up right now... *sniffle*


*****I don't think I've ever ended my blog that way, but I always consider it. Every single time I blog. <3


  1. 1. Yayyyy, cult meeting! -tentative thumbs up-

    2. YOU'RE FLYING A PLANE? Sorry. I couldn't help it. I, to use a beautiful phrase, loled. Good luck all the same. I've never flown in a plane without my fellow humans, either.

    3. Spring break isn't really in spring... is it? I find this odd. Ours is in March, too, but still... HMM.

    4. ME TOO ALKJfdlksjgl;jflgjf0AWEprIFDLKJDLS There are not words.

    5. I don't *think* I'm going to VIdcon. I haven't really thought about it. It seems like it would be scary/moneyz consuming... but reallyreally awesome. -considers-

    6. COLLEGE EDUCATION. Is good. Or something. I approve.

    7. >.> Scary. WE WILL BE AWESOME. BUT IT IS SCARY. How did you go about choosing? I'm still clueless. IS IT AWESOME? Surely it is. Because you are. #questionz #college

    **** WEDNESDAY??

  2. As for 7., I meant that we will both be awesome in our maaaaagical college journeys. I think I meant that... #brain #issometimesbrain

  3. I am probably going to Chicago over spring break, too! CRAAAAZZZZY! Of course, my spring break is in late April because ours is always over Easter, and I'll be going to look at colleges with my family instead of with friends, but you know...

    I wish I could go to VidCon, but it is very far and very expensive and during a summer program that I WILL NOT BE PERMITTED TO LEAVE. So maybe next year...

    ALSO, I flew as an unaccompanied minor when I was eleven, but they do pretty much everything for you when you're eleven. I can't imagine having to be RESPONSIBLE and ON TIME and everything by myself.

    Okay, that's it.

  4. I graduate in May too!! Except from college... which is SO terrifying... Real world, are you ready for me? I don't think you are...

    Also, I live in Orlando, so if you come to see WWoHP we should organize a nerdfighter gathering... or something...

  5. Sounds like you have much awesomesauce!

    "It'll be the first time that I fly a plane by myself, too."
    Either it's too late and my brain shut down, or you actually FLY AIRPLANES. I just want to think that you fly planes.


  6. Hey Maggie,

    You sound really adventurous and fun loving person. Your plan is super fun and by reading your blog you have actually motivated me to do some of these stuff.... Thanks for sharing your ideas and have a great year ahead.

  7. Great list for '11! Many trips! Also, High School ending week IS sad!

    Here's to your great accomplishments! *raises root beer*