Monday, January 10, 2011

It's a snow day...

... school is closed. Gonna go outside and build a TOTALLY EPIC FORT AND DESTROY ALL OF MY NEMESES!

We have a snow day today, and do you know what I am going to spend it doing? Dear blog readers, I am going to dedicate a whole blog post to YOU. Yes, you, because yesterday's post got the most comments I have ever received. This will be just one GIANT Reader Palooza.

1. Yayyyy, cult meeting! -tentative thumbs up- *beams*
2. YOU'RE FLYING A PLANE? Sorry. I couldn't help it. I, to use a beautiful phrase, loled. Good luck all the same. I've never flown in a plane without my fellow humans, either. I am a little scared, but apparently there are some other studious-types from around here who are also going to the camp, and I'll be flying with them. But they are basically strangers, so we will see how that goes.

3. Spring break isn't really in spring... is it? I find this odd. Ours is in March, too, but still... HMM. Right?! Why would they name it so strangely... I cannot fathom.
4. ME TOO ALKJfdlksjgl;jflgjf0AWEprIFDLKJDLS There are not words.
5. I don't *think* I'm going to Vidcon. I haven't really thought about it. It seems like it would be scary/moneyz consuming... but reallyreally awesome. -considers- If you go we should consider rooming together. Because that would cut costs, and it would throw us together so we could have epic shennanigan-making fun.

6. COLLEGE EDUCATION. Is good. Or something. I approve. 

7. >.> Scary. WE WILL BE AWESOME. BUT IT IS SCARY. How did you go about choosing? I'm still clueless. IS IT AWESOME? Surely it is. Because you are. #questionz #college This past summer I went to an engineering camp at ISU, and that's why I started looking at it. It's just an amazing school with a beautiful campus and a great engineering program and an Honors Program that is EVERYTHING THAT AN HONORS PROGRAM SHOULD BE. Sorry, I get excited about it. When I talked to them, they told me about a Harry Potter project they did last year. How could I NOT want to go? PLUS, the Ministry of Magic guys grew up there, and Luke, Jason, and Aaron all went there.


I am probably going to Chicago over spring break, too! CRAAAAZZZZY! Of course, my spring break is in late April because ours is always over Easter, and I'll be going to look at colleges with my family instead of with friends, but you know... You east-coasters and your silly schedules. We get a short Easter break, too, and it's possible I'll defer my trip to Chicago until then. IF that is the case... perhaps I will see you there. *raises eyebrows*
I wish I could go to VidCon, but it is very far and very expensive and during a summer program that I WILL NOT BE PERMITTED TO LEAVE. So maybe next year... Psh, you can always sneak out! Plus, as far as conventions go, it's fairly affordable. I mean, you'd still drop a couple hundred dollars... Ahem.
ALSO, I flew as an unaccompanied minor when I was eleven, but they do pretty much everything for you when you're eleven. I can't imagine having to be RESPONSIBLE and ON TIME and everything by myself. I know. I might be 18, but I can be pretty flighty (haha, flightly...), and I'm worried I'll get on the wrong plane. Once my friend accidentally boarded a plane to NYC when she was meant to go to Chicago. Luckily, she realised the mistake before the plane left, but nobody bothered to check her ticket closely enough to see the mistake!

Okay, that's it. This is never it. There is forever more, always continuing, never ending. It is a cycle of the ages, going on and on and on and on and on... (The end).
I graduate in May too!! Except from college... which is SO terrifying... Real world, are you ready for me? I don't think you are... Eww, you're like old and stuff! (I jest, of course). Anyway, the world is lucky to finally have you out there. GO KICK SOME ASS AND CAUSE A SCENE!
Also, I live in Orlando, so if you come to see WWoHP we should organize a nerdfighter gathering... or something... Yuss. Yes. Affirmative. Definitely. Without a doubt. ABSOLUTELY.
Sounds like you have much awesomesauce!
"It'll be the first time that I fly a plane by myself, too."

Either it's too late and my brain shut down, or you actually FLY AIRPLANES. I just want to think that you fly planes. No, no, what I meant was that-- Um, I mean, YES. I am a professional pilot. I'm in quite high demand, actually. It's because I sing to the passengers over the intercom. And the benefits are great! Flight attendants (male ones, of course) bring me as many juice boxes as I want. But February will be the first time that I'm allowed to take out one of the private jets for my personal use. I'm pretty excited!
Engineering Camp:
Hey Maggie,
You sound really adventurous and fun loving person. Your plan is super fun and by reading your blog you have actually motivated me to do some of these stuff.... Thanks for sharing your ideas and have a great year ahead. I'm not sure who you are, or why you used the alias "Engineering Camp," (the name links to a website for science camps), but you seem nice! If you stumble upon my blog again, tell me who you are! I like people! And I don't bite! Not over the internet anyway. ;)
Great list for '11! Many trips! Also, High School ending week IS sad!
Here's to your great accomplishments! *raises root beer* I don't have much to add to this, but I always like your comments a lot. XD And I'll toast with root beer! *also raises root beer*

That is all my lovely blog readers! As always, I enjoy you, your individual blogs, your comments, and your faces.

With bloggitude,


  1. I'm not sure how to comment on a comment on a comment. But here is my comment.

  2. Maggie,
    because the thought struck me as I was reading your blog and not while I was texting or facebook (stalking) you, I am telling you here that SLEDDING LAST NIGHT WAS SO MUCH FUN. Also, I'm really glad we went last night, because sledding today sucked. In case you weren't aware, there was a wind chill of -5 degrees.
    Also I'm sorry I didn't come over to eat banana bread and watch Totoro today. Also I ate your pizza for lunch today; it was delicious.
    Much snow-filled love,