Monday, January 3, 2011

Jumping on the BOW '11 Bandwagon

... which means that this will probably not be a continuation of my Babysitter's Chronicles. I'll write another one soon, though, fear not!

This shall just be a short updatey-type blog, since I have school tomorrow and such. I think I'll make it a list. How long has it been since I've done a list? Lists are so nice. They have distinct breaks, and there don't have to be transitions. But here I am, going on about nothing while I should be listing.

1. I just made a video about the gingerbread village that my sisters and Anna and I made. It was based off of John and Hank's Thoughts From Places vlogs, so I included them in the tweet about it (and maybe also asked them to watch it...) Anyway, they were not only kind enough to watch it, but BOTH of them tweeted about it! Which made me deliriously happy.

2. In other video-related news, my friends and I have started working on a music video for Ministry of Magic's contest. We are using the song The Curse (which I haven't seen a video for yet, surprisingly). The video is going to be SO EPIC. And we are doing a behind the scenes, which is nice, because sometimes I'm afraid that my subscribers don't know what my face looks like.

3. News that is pretty much exciting only for me is that I pulled the trigger and picked a college. Next fall you can find me at Iowa State University, studying engineering and other stuff (hopefully).

4. If you are new to my blog for some reason (perhaps because of BOW'11), I am currently doing a series called Babysitter's Chronicles, where I relate the mishaps that I had as a young babysitter. Apparently people like them, which surprised me, since I almost nixed the idea entirely. "Maggie, nobody wants to hear about the stupid things you did when you were 12." WELL APPARENTLY THEY DO, SUBCONSCIENCE!

5. I like odd numbers. *shrug*

With videoliness,

Reader Palooza:

Hannah- I enjoy every single one of your comments. Seriously. And I am of course flattered that I rank among your favorite internet things. I cannot dare to hope that I am above kittens and babies, though. *wink* *ding*

Deanna- Medieval... sims... *gapes* *collapses*

Katherine- I wouldn't put these stories on the internet unless I hoped to give SOMEONE enjoyment. So don't feel too bad about it. =)


  1. Great first post! Lists ARE amazing! BOW'11 FTW!!

  2. I love lists! I use them quite frequently myself, in fact.

    Also, happy collegeness!

    *throws Iowa-shaped confetti because, quite honestly, I do not know the Iowa State mascot*

    *Googles "Iowa State University Mascot"*

    *throws... cyclone shaped confetti? or cardinal shaped confetti?*

    *is confused*