Saturday, November 20, 2010

Obligatory Blog Post...

... This blog was originally going to be about me seeing the Harry Potter movie premiere. But I decided that everyone is doing that, and I don't have much to add.

Hello dear readers of My Blog. It's been a while. Last time I just left you with a very weird conversation that was probably only funny for me and my friend. Sorry about that! It seemed like a good (and hysterical) idea at the time.

Today The Wordsmith asked me to take her to a friend's house. I had the brilliant idea to bring my laptop and plug it into Germ* so we could play songs from A Very Potter Sequel. Except I forgot that you need a wireless connection to do that. Of course. We let the first song load completely from our wireless connection, then drove off.

As if it were providence, we were driving past The Academy as that first song was ending. I pulled into the parking lot next, tapped into our school's wireless system, and let another song load. We were both highly amused by this. To think, we were using a school-issued laptop and the school's wireless network to get up to Potteresque shennanigans. It was a lovely situation.

As I drove back home, I passed the playground that I played on when I was a wee child.** For a while it had been an empty mess of dirt and orange plastic fencing. There was no playground equipment, there were no kids. There was just nothing.

Today when I drove past, I saw a crowd of parents and kids there, and no orange plastic fencing! There is a different playground now. It looks shiny and new. It calls to me, dear blog readers; I want to go play in this new world. I want to write a coded message to my friends on parchment paper inviting them to come play, slip it in their bedroom windows, and gallavant about the playground with them in the dead of night.

Until that happens, though, I have a movie that I need to see a few more times.

With explorativity,

**Germ is my gender-ambiguous car, for those of you who do not remember.

*Okay, and more recently as a teenager.


  1. -creeps in quietly-

    Symbolism! And not-symbolism! And awesomeness! I dearly hope that you get to play in this world, playground as it is, and soon. :)

  2. Maggie, you inspire me to update my own blog, which has probably grown quite dusty and lonely over the past month. Still, I must finish NaNo first, because I am just under 18,000 words behind.

    Three cheers for playgrounds and Potter.