Tuesday, November 2, 2010

What time is it?

... a hair past a freckle.

Right now I'm wearing a K-State t-shirt, an "I Voted!" sticker, this past weekend was Halloween, I skipped school yesterday, and I don't have school tomorrow. I think it's blogging time again! *does the blog dance* Say it with me, everybody: There is a dance for everything!

Halloween at The Academy is quite the affair. Everyone dresses up, and the advisories compete in a pumpkin carving contest. My advisory tends to ignore the pumpkin, however, because we have the HAUNTED HOUSE.

Since my advisor is the drama teacher, we have access to costumes and props, which we use every year to host a haunted house. Students can give us a canned good or monies for the privilege of being led through whatever scary contraption we've come up with. This year, as a senior, I got to lead the jittery students through our post-apocalyptic zombie nightmare. Yes, the idea was mine. *wipes speck of dirt from zombie hunter costume*

Yesterday, Monday, my mom and I woke up ungodly early to drive to Manhattan, KS, home of Kansas State University. There we saw the engineering buildings, ate delicious foods,* were serenaded by an all-male acapella group, followed a student tour guide with many squirrel anecdotes across campus,** and ate ice cream made on campus.

Unfortunately, I kind of sort of really loved my visit. This is bad because I also love Iowa State, and I'll have to choose between them at some point. MY LIFE IS INDESCRIBABLY DIFFICULT.

Most importantly, today I voted in my first ever election! My polling place happens to be in my highschool, so I voted during my first period free. I wanted to get video or picture proof, but nobody had a free with me, so they couldn't take my picture. Hey, wait a hot moment! I think I remember talking about this in my first blog...
In September I will turn 18, and in November I get the pleasure of voting in my first election. (I can see it now. I skip in, barely able to suppress a squeal. Whoever is there to log me in-- that's what they do with elections, right? You log in, get patted down, drug test, all that? But I digress-- Whatever authority figure I come across will look disbelieving at me. I'm positive I'm old enough? Oh, absolutely! *much beaming and giggling* And... I want to vote? Of course! I've done my homework, I know the dealio. Where do I get my finger prints taken?) I'm sure it will go over splendidly!

It DID go over splendidly, thank you for asking! I was wearing my uniform, so they knew I was a student, but nobody questioned my eligibility as a voter, and I didn't knock any booths over. And I did the finger prints right the first time! Okay, that last one was a joke. But I did wear my "I Voted!" sticker on my forehead the rest of the day. It was partly to make sure my classmates and teachers would know that I was a responsible citizen. Mostly it was because I'm still immature. Funnily enough, almost nobody questioned me about it... But of course that is because my school is weird.

Dearest blog readers, I have come to our last order of business. For my Shakespeare class I made a video parodying a scene from Taming of the Shrew. I created an account Moste Sekrit on the tube of you. Oh, you liketh the sekrits? Do you want a link? Hmm, what can you give me? You have cookies?? Yes, please! Here is a link. *munches on cookies* Mmm, I see you added an extra pinch of glittery spice. Melike.***

And that is all there is to say. Until the morrow, dear readers! Or sometime later, I don't know.

With childishness (still),
Maggie the Voter

*K-State makes all their food from scratch! =O

**The guy, Chris, was totally cool. I was with a group of girls (completely coincidental), and as we walked past a lawn he said, "Here they sometimes project movies for students to watch. Last year they showed Sherlock Holmes, you know, with Robert Downey Jr. He's probably my favorite actor, like, ever. And Jude Law is just totally dreamy. And I can say that, since you're all girls! There are no guys to point and laugh at me." And he walked backwards the whole time. The WHOLE time.

***Sometimes I type things and think, "Now where the holy hell did that come from?" But sometimes I keep it, because it makes me giggle. I've often told people, I am my own biggest fan. I get much amusement from myself. Keep reading! *shoos*

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