Saturday, October 23, 2010

Your mother was a hampster...

... I just had a Monty Python moment. I'm the French guy. (skip to 3:48)

This morning I had a late start. So instead of waking up at 7:00am, I woke up at... 7:15?

Oh yeah, that's right. Anna, Kristen and I started our video that we are making. You know, the one where we try to convince Dan Brown to move to Kansas City. That one.

So instead of sleeping in, I woke up early, picked up Anna, and got hot chocolate while we made our game plan. All we had time to do today was get some shots of the Plaza, a Spanish-style outdoor shopping mall.

We were setting up a shot of a fountain (Kansas City is the City of Fountains), when two Plaza security guards started strolling up the block.

"Anna, we're allowed to film, right?" I mumbled in her ear.
"Okay, sorry, just thought I'd ask."

Just afterward, they walked up to us and asked what we were doing. Oh, just getting some shots of fountains. Is it for school? Yeah, it's for, um, a project. Alright, just wanted to ask.

As soon as they walked away, Anna started laughing. "I should have told them it was a top secret project! No, a conspiracy against the government!" I'm sure that would have gone over EXCELLENTLY, Anna.

After our short day of school, in which I pretty much failed a calc test that I wasn't remotely prepared for, Anna and Kristen came over. For the first time in over six months I turned on my Wii, and we played Mario Kart and trivia.

After Kristen went home, Anna and I decided to start a paper mâché project. The Wordsmith's friend, Bottomless Pit, was bored, so I told her to take pictures. I wanted to post them, but Blogspot is being a NOODLE DARK. You want me to turn on cookies? Okay, I'm all for cookies. What, I have to log in? I'm already logged in! Oh, so now you're just going to CLICK at me? *click click click click click* FINE! No pictures! *huffs*

Ahem. The paper mâché project, unlike the pictures, is going SPLENDIDLY. It's actually an assignment for my Spanish class. I have to make a piñata para Día de Los Muertos. It's going to be a skull. With sparkles. Because sparkles make everything better. Katherine agrees with me, yes?

Once we finished layering balloons in goup-soaked newspaper, I put them in the oven on really low, then propped the door open. This is to help them dry. Since everyone but my mom was out, we put in a movie and curled up on the sofa.

KABANG! One of the balloons exploded in the oven! The project was dry enough, so it held, but BOY was it alarming.*

Methinks that is all for now, dear readers of blog. May the sparkle be with you.

With an outrageous accent,**

*All explosions have been exaggerated for dramatic effect. It wasn't actually very alarming at all.

**Outrageous accent is a reference to an earlier part of the Monty Python video. Now that the blog is all finished and whatnot, you may as well watch the rest of it. It's quite good.

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  1. OMGZ Monty Python. Love. (Like that's a surprise. Because I'm sure I don't seem like a Monty Python fan AT ALL.)

    African or European?