Thursday, April 7, 2011

School Blog??

Today, my dearest blog readers, I come to you from a free period at school. I have finished what homework absolutely needs to be completed, and I decided that this would be a nice change from my usual “oh crap, it is late at night and I still need to blog stress stress stress” posts. Not that I really get stressed about it... I would just rather sleep.

Recently I’ve been waging an internal battle with myself over a rather pressing issue-- should I go to prom or not? Do not answer that.

If you saw earlier today, I tweeted saying that instead of going to prom I was going to go bowling, watch Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 at my friend’s house, and spend the night there. That had been the plan, but a few of my friends were rather upset that I had decided not to go. And because of them I changed my mind (again) and bought my ticket. *le sigh*

I am not opposed to prom in and of itself. I love the idea of spending a night dancing with my classmates. But it is made so FREAKING stressful by the cost, the location, the parking, the dress, the contract, GAH.

To alleviate the stress of the situation I am going to avoid as much of the typical prom goings-on as possible. Here is a list of what I AM and AM NOT going to do:

1. I AM NOT going to buy a dress. I already have dresses from various other dances that I can reuse. Honestly, the only stress I want from a dress is having to choose among my homecoming dress (sophomore year), my piano recital dress (junior year), and my graduation dress (lol 8th grade).*

2. I AM NOT getting my hair, nails, or what-have-you done. I’m going to shower and let my hair do what it pleases (which it would do, regardless). And I can guarantee you I will not be tanning weeks in advance. I do rather like being cancer-free and having my natural skin-tone.

3. I AM NOT driving, renting a limo, or tagging along on one of the party buses. The parking at the downtown venue is going to be hell, because there are about 7 other events going on at the same time. No, instead my friends and I decided that we are taking the city bus. Yes, we are riding the CITY BUS to prom. *does the classy dance*

4. I AM going by myself. No date. Who would I take? Even if I found someone last minute who I could take, I would SO much rather dance with my friends than hang out with someone I barely know. This is MY prom and my friend’s prom, I’m going to party with THEM.

5. I AM going to an afterparty. Not an afterparty with alcohol, drugs, or loud music and whatever else they do. We decided to continue with our plan to watch Deathly Hallows afterward. And the sleepover is still a go.

That is my list, dear readers. I began this blog thinking that I would list for you the reasons I didn’t want to go to prom in the first place, but I think this is more hopeful, uplifting, and overall positive. Have a lovely day, party hard, and find time to sleep. *is full of wisdom*

With listfullness,

*Yes, it still fits me. In fact, I’d say it fits better now. I sure as hell look better in it than I did as an awkward 8th grader. *modest*


  1. My sister didn't go to her prom. She did all the fun stuff surrounding prom, like dinner with friends beforehand, after parties, and sleep-overs, but she didn't actually go to prom or get all fancied up. I had a boyfriend my senior year of high school, so prom was kind of obligatory for me... I don't really know what to do with all the picture now that we're broken up, though...

  2. I approve of your plan to make prom less stressful. Prom was really fun for me, but I did basically the same thing as you, though I did manage to buy a dress for like $20. It was a lot of fun hanging out and dancing with my friends. You will totally have fun. It really doesn't need to be this huge hassle.

  3. I'm not going to prom. I have nothing against it (really), but the amount of stress being catapulted at me for NOT going is enough. Your decisions sound like they will make the experience much more fun! Yay!