Friday, October 1, 2010

Just a small town girl...

... living in a LONELY woooorld! (This song has been stuck in my head for HOURS).

Have I ever told you that I love my school? I love my school.

We had a pep rally today. But this wasn't just ANY pep rally. It was the auction pep rally.

Every year, the students sell raffle tickets to raise money for our school auction. But who wants to sell tickets without incentive, right? Our incentive is our sweatpants,* which we can wear during the winter in place of our uniform skirt. If we sell 10 tickets, we can collect The STA Pant.

The Pant is very special, and the auction pep rally centers around it. But the most important part of the pep rally is that it is teacher-run. Only teachers and staff are part of the skits. Can you imagine how epic it is to see your geography, English, and Spanish teachers doing the Single Ladies dance?

My freshman year, the skit was all about Hairspray: excellent, although my memory is fuzzy. Sophomore year is clearer. The theme was Sisterhood of the Traveling Pant. Instead of jeans, it was the sweats, geddit? I seem to recall my history teacher dressing up as The Joker for that skit...

Junior year: I was upset because usually the theme is kept secret, but someone told me it was Twilight. I was apprehensive, since I don't actually like Twilight, but it was UTTERLY AMAZING. Instead of the vampires lusting for blood, they lusted for black sweatpants with bright green lettering (any guesses what our sweats looked like last year?).

This year was GLEE.** They did the single ladies dance, lip-synced to Don't Stop Believing, and "Coach Sue" got SLUSHIED. Literally. It was fantastic!

FORTUNATELY Anna and Kristen got video of the ENTIRE THING!!! It will be on our collab blog, Studio Dilettante, at some point. At that point, I will link it, and you can watch it, if it so pleases you.

Another thing that made this pep rally awesome is my status as SENIOR. Seniors get to sit in the front center, all together.*** And at the end, we all ran up on the stage and danced to Don't Stop Believing. There is a dance for everything.

This is a shift. I am shifting topics.

It's been about seven hours since I wrote that stuff up there. -points upward- In that time, I went to First Fridays, which is an art showing downtown that comes around on the first Friday of the month.

I enjoyed myself at first, because the group I was with walked to Chipotle and just talked for a long time. But once we actually got to the art district... I dunno.

There were a lot of people smoking, and smoke gives me a headache. We went into a couple galleries, but they were sweltering, and I'm pretty sure that I've told you that I don't particularly like the heat. At all.

I like walking around, but there just wasn't a lot of space to do that, since the art district is only a few blocks long and about two blocks wide. And I just got tired after a while.

I am so old. I cannot even go out on a Friday night without getting tired. I should just stay home and blog, since that doesn't take too much stamina.

With artliness,

Reader Palooza!

Hannah: You should invest in some dinosaur rings. In this economy they could come in useful.

Alysa: There was no paint left on your face. I checked you carefully. Now, up your NOSE...

Rachel: Definitely hit up a themed restaurant sometime. It is so much fun!

*And Chipotle. And pizza. We girls are suckers for food.

**Actually, I don't watch Glee, but I know quite a bit about it. Shut up, I just don't watch tv at all.

***Some juniors parked themselves in the third row, and we made them move. It's stupid, I know, but at the same time, it's the senior section. Even worse, after they left, a freshman tried to sit down right as they left. I promise, I'm not some underclassmen-hating senior, nor am I unsympathetic to the odd person out. But this girl is SO weird, I have to think she is trying. She was barking before the pep rally started, when we were all talking. BARKING.


  1. I do enjoy pep rallies. We have a yearly event called the "Teacher Dance" where all of the cool teachers dance to whatever song was really cool eight months ago. So much fun.

  2. Your school DOES sound awesome... This post makes me miss my own high school and the pep rallies and the dressing up like pirates and ninjas and G. I. Joes for homecoming week... One of the teachers dressed up as a ninja too and climbed all over the buildings... and then the students that dressed up as G. I. Joes led a military campaign against him... Yea, it was epic.