Sunday, October 17, 2010

Triple Rainbow Awesome...

... was aptly named.

If you follow my twitter, you got this succession of tweets from tonight:

"Operation Gengar status: success."


"LOTS TO BLOG ABOUT. *still in shock*"

Let's start with the first, shall we? Today I made COOKIES. But they were no ordinary cookies. They were my mother's special Easter cookies, so named because we make them every Easter. More importantly (and relevantly) I warped a gingerbread-man-shaped cookie cutter into a GENGAR CUTTER to make Gengar cookies! Oh. Yes.

After I did my homework (like the good girl that I am), I rolled out the dough I'd pre-prepared (is that redundant?), cut it into eensy leetle Gengars, baked them, dipped in glaze, and made them look somewhat ferocious. Except my mom came into the kitchen and said, "Maggie, these are just so cute!"

Ferocity: 0

Then I went to TRIPLE RAINBOW AWESOME. After Jason's set-- if I remember rightly-- I awkwardly went up to Kristina (yes, Kristina Freaking Horner)*, handed her the box of cookies, said something along the lines of  "Uh.... I, um, made these for you? I'm going to... come look at merch later..." and then scurried awkwardly off. Because that is how I roll: awkwardly.

After giggling fangirlishly with my friends for a moment, we saw Kristina take the box over to Luke. And then Luke sent a picture to Twitter.

So, uh, that was slightly [very] awesome.

In between the Gengar tweet and the next we all danced like fiends, sung ourselves nearly hoarse, and got grossly sweaty (it was much too warm in there, even with a fan).

Aaaaaaaand then ALL CAPS finished playing Don't Unplug Me and everyone gravitated toward the merch table. Anna, Sarah and I had a conversation that went basically like this:

Anna: "You should go up and tell them that you play them in Mario Kart."
Me: "I'm sure that would go over splendidly. 'Hi, you've never met me, but I beat you in Mario Kart sometimes! Well, bye!' It sounds pretentious."
Sarah: "You could tell them that you made a video for..."
Me and Anna: "No."

After deliberating, I decided that I wanted a picture with them, and I also wanted them to sign my purse. So we shuffled on up to where they were standing, taking pictures and chatting with fans.

They gamely obliged my request for them to sign my purse (hey, a purse is more normal than a sandwich), but Anna decided to butt in saying,

"Maggie is way too shy to tell you this, but she plays you in Mario Kart, and sometimes she beats you."

Imagine how surprised I was when Luke DIDN'T say, "Whuuuuut? I don't know what you're talking about, but here's your purse." (Not that he would say it like that anyway, but...) What he actually did was yell across the room, "HEY JASON! JASON MUNDAY! JASON!"** And I guess Alex Carpenter (=O) had been paying attention or something, because he started yelling, "There's this girl who wants to beat you at Mario Kart!"

That was when I sent the second tweet, "*shock*"

Because it is a bit shocking. I mean, I think I've mostly gotten past the point where I see these people as pixelated stars on my computer screen. I still admire them, but they have become less celebral (made up word) and more like real people. But it is still shocking when these people who make music that I listen to, who make videos that I watch, actually know who I am and make a hullabaloo*** when they learn that I play Mario Kart with them.

That is all for tonight, dear readers of blog. I hope that this post kept you entertained, despite it's length.

With fangirliness,

*That is her actual middle name.

**Jason was in the middle of taking a picture with some people, methinks.

***I'm sorry, I just can't be entirely serious. It can't be done.


  1. Wait... those cookies were YOURS? AWSOME!

    *jealous* I wish that tour was coming to Florida but... alas... At least they went to Georgia on their last tour. I had to drive six hours to see them, though. They were amaxing there, too. *sigh* I love them.

  2. Hey this is a great blog. Thanks for coming to the show! :D

  3. Maggie, this blog is great, BUT, I like my version of the story which I have been telling all day much better. Have I told you my version of the story yet? You should hear it. It involves much dramatic gesticulation. Also, I'm still sorry I couldn't help with the Gengar cookies. I've been looking forward to that for a month.

  4. You are a great blogger. Amazin'. Beautific.

    Why don't I get to be as cool as you? WHYYYAYAYAYAYAY?

    --that creepy person on facebook who tags you in everything. (aka Lena)