Thursday, September 16, 2010

Ambition must be made to counteract ambition...

... If men were angels, no government would be necessary. If angels were to govern men... controls on government would [not] be necessary. And in other news, I have no idea what to put as my title and subtitle. -Psuedo quote from The Federalst Paper No. 51

Hello, dearest readers of blogs!

There are several things that I wanted to blog about today, but I cannot have all of them in one blog, because then it would be too long. That, and I need to go do my homework. Again. It just keeps coming back, I swear...

I have not blogged since Sunday! This is a catastrophe! But I hath been very busy. I thought that my senior year would be easier in terms of workload, but so far it is not looking like it. Poo.

In happier news,* I got Adobe Premiere! This means that I can edit Agent Ninja Face's** videos from my computer, instead of sporadically going to Anna's house and editing on hers. She doesn't like editing as much as I do. I love editing videos. So much. And now I have my own shiny software! -pets the software-

Ahem. Yes. Can I just say thank you for sticking with me, even though I am incredibly weird and often creepy? Thanks. =D

With editing capacity,

PS I'm going to start responding to some of your comments, methinks. I want to give this segment a name, but I am not creative when it comes to these shenannigans. Shennanigans? Shenanigans? Meh. What about Crazy Commenters! Or... Reader Palooza? Edible Enterprises. Wait... that doesn't even make sense. Please help?

Hannah: I hadn't bowled since my freshman year (so three years ago). It was fun, but my forearm was sore for a few days afterward! And I feel like I've been to an arcade or something where they accepted good grades as entrance. Also, it's probably best that your school doesn't require service for graduation. I mean, it's an excellent idea, but the options are so narrow that it is difficult for everyone to be happy with it. I am much more of a "behind the scenes" volunteer, so I don't particularly love the service that I have to do.

Nick: Your comments are always so POSITIVE and happy! I love it! =D

Katharine: I like to think that my school is the coolest school ever. But I think it's just because I go there. #notegotisticatall #twitteronblogspot? #weird...

*Not that schoolwork is unhappy. I am supremely nerdy, and therefore actually enjoy most of my homework. For whatever reason, though, I still have trouble making myself start my homework. It's a disease, procrastination is.

**This is the name of the production "company" that my friends and I make our videos under. It is very unofficial and sparkly. The name comes from a time when Anna and I were on Mystery Google (do you remember that?) and typed "Paging Agent Ninja Face, over!" again and again, hoping to get each other's message. Anna called me in a tizzy when she got a message that said "This is Agent Ninja Face, over!" She thought it was me, but I reminded her that I wasn't responding, I was paging. 'Twas a triumphant moment, that was. (Scroll back up, punk!)

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  1. I do enjoy Reader Palooza. It is sort of difficult to converse through comments on here, because I leave a SUPER WELL THOUGHT-OUT, MIND-BLOWING COMMENT and then I never look at the post again so I have no idea if anyone responded to it.

    Currently, I'm trying to get my Dracula cast to go bowling, but they think it's gross. Which it is, but that's part of the charm. Or something.

    Also, I get what you're saying about the graduation volunteer stuff. We currently have something called THE SENIOR PROJECT, which is the greatest waste of time a high schooler will ever embark upon. Basically, it's a seven page research paper and a powerpoint wrapped in more paperwork and red tape than you could ever imagine, and then stretched out to take up pretty much all of spring of junior year through fall of senior year. *sigh*

    Basically, another decent theory that turns out terribly in execution.