Monday, September 20, 2010

Swine Flew...

... feral pigs flying planes.

Today I visited University of Arkansas.* On Sunday, my mom and I drove the four hours to Fayetteville and had dinner with my Uncle.** This morning we drove to The Event. Because we were there for an Event, along with 300 other people.***

At The Event we were given lanyards that said "I am not a student here," people talked at us, we clapped when it seemed appropriate, about 4 parents asked many questions, they gave us lots of handouts and brochures, and we were smirked at by big college students, who probably have only a faint memory of going through this same process. I metaphorically bite my thumb at them.

I didn't have a ball at this Event, to be honest (which I always am). For whatever reason I just couldn't picture myself actually going to school there, and am thusly crossing it off my ever-dwindling list. I think my dad is disappointed; U of A gives me a lower tuition rate because of some Things, and they have a lot of money to offer for scholarships. So if I were to go there, it probably wouldn't cost much. Which would make him happy.****

The highlight of my day was when my mom and I were walking to the buses so we could start homeward, and I saw this:

There were some other things, too: reminders for Quidditch practice accompanied by chalk broomsticks and snitches, and propaganda for Dumbledore's Army with a beautiful stick man wearing a blue wizard hat.

Completely unrelated to this, I discovered recently that I have the same birthday as Stephen King. Which is meaningless, but nevertheless fills me with a sense of pride. As if I have done something noteworthy. "Why are you smiling like that?" "Oh, just that Stephen King-- you know, the brilliant author--- and I have the same birthday." "My, that is impressive! Perhaps some of his brilliancy is in you!" -brushes imaginary lint from shoulder-


With potential brilliancy,

Reader Palooza!

Deanna: I like your irrelevant comment! It conjures up an image of some of my rather goofy teachers doing the same thing (since I don't know what your teacher looks like), which is hilarious, of course.

Hannah: I ALREADY RESPONDED. Good day.

Ruth: They probably print copies of the students who they didn't like and use them as dartboards in the teacher's lounge. Actually, that's weird, and I have no idea why that occured to me.

*I believe this will satisfy your curiosity, Hannah.

**Random Trivia: I share a birthday with this particular uncle. And The Wordsmith has the same birthday as my grandpa. These are things.

***Or perhaps it was 500. Or maybe one thousand. For all I know of numbers, it could have been two million. Whatever, I go to a small school.

****Although since I plan to study engineering, I basically need to go to a state school. And they will be comparitively cheaper than other schools. So he can't really complain that much.


  1. You also share a birthday with Dave Coulier (ever so reminiscent of a recent pep rally).

    You gotta love when parents want you to go somewhere because of low tuition. I can't seem to get it through my mom's head that just because me going to MU would probably cost $5,000 maximum, doesn't mean I am meant to go there.

    Sigh. Parents. Can't live with them... can't kill them.

  2. I have gone through several similar Events, though none have presented me with a snazzy, somewhat embarrassing lanyard.

    I thoroughly intend to go to a school with a Quidditch team. Of course, I am so unathletic that nerd sports are probably out of my league, but I would make a fantastic announcer or something.

    Also, that Potter Puppet Pals graffiti is utterly fantastic. I know there are about 11 million Potter fans in the world (or something like that), but I still find great cheer when the Potter happenstances occur.

    I am very brain dead right now from 11 million(or something like that) homework assignments, so I sincerely hope that this comment is even mildly coherent.

    Good day to you, too.