Saturday, September 18, 2010

Let them eat cake!

... Cake or death! Err, cake please! Very well! Give him cake. Mmm, this is very nice cake!*

Yesterday was picture day. On Fridays, seniors at my school get to dress down instead of wearing the uniform. Usually we have themes. On the first day of school the theme was camo, one day it was soccer moms, another day it was tweens. But since yesterday was a day where we needed to look our best,** they said, "No, you cannot have a silly theme! And we know about the plot to wear wigs, so don't try it!" How did they know about that plot, anyway?***

So instead of dressing as stupidly as possible and trying to outdo last year's seniors class (they were goth on picture day), we tried to get away with having our hair and makeup as ridiculous as possible. Several girls made liberal use of Bump Its, others had ridiculously high pigtails, and one girl had little buns all over her head. I saw more blue eye shadow and heavy eyeliner yesterday than perhaps the rest of my life combined.

The sad thing was that many of those lined eyes were not the eyes of seniors. Nor were all the bumped-up dos on the heads of my classmates. I saw freshmen, sophomores, and juniors galore with eyeliner that made me stop and gape, wondering... Why?

The reason hair and makeup was our theme is because it is RIDICULOUS!

On a less confusing note, I finished editing the cake-making video. I told you about that, did I not? Well, here it is.**** Be warned, Anna and I (and The Diva) are very, very weird in this video.

I tweeted about this at one point, but I feel it is a point worthy of reiteration; I noticed while editing the video that I worked in elements of my blog. Just watch and you will probably see.

That is all for now, my dear readers of blogs! I should probably get some homework done, since I leave tomorrow to go on a COLLEGE VISIT! -does the college visit dance- There is a dance for everything.

With collegerliness,

Reader Palooza (the name that Hannah picked, since she was the ONLY one to comment on my last blog. -gives stink eye to everyone else-) (Except I'm really not that upset. Since it's not BEDA anymore, nobody is keeping up as regularly) (Let's move on to the response, shall we?) (Yes, we shall):

Hannah: We have a project like your senior project, too! There are many similarities between our schools. Hmmm... But our projects are on a smaller scale, and we do two of them. The first is our sophomore year, and we have to write a three to five page paper and give a presentation on something under a given topic. 

My junior year the project was in essence the same as the year before, but as juniors we were expected to put much, much more effort into it. I can definitively say that last year's Junior Project was the hardest I have ever worked on a project in my life. But I loved almost every minute of it, being the nerd that I am.

That was a long-winded response. Congratulations if you have read to this point!

*3.14159 X 10^kajillion awesome points if you knew that reference.

**And get pictures that will go on our student IDs, which I guess we need to be serious for. Who knew?

***That was a real plot.

****Right now as I am posting this blog, the video hasn't finished processing. Of course, the quality may never improve, since this is the first video I have edited with my new software and I probably made MISTAKES.


  1. In my senior year book, one of the English teachers is wearing a "blonde" yarn wig and a cheerleader uniform.
    My brother's year he wore a 70's afro.

    /irrelevant comment

  2. Bump Its make my life hilarious. Many, many younger students at my school wear them (and heavy eye makeup) unironically. *eye roll*

    I feel somewhat honored that my selection was chosen (out of SO many) for the name of Reader Palooza. Also, I may steal that concept from you, because that's what good concepts are for.

    In closing, what college are you visiting? *curiosity*

  3. My school just used our formal senior pictures for our senior ids... Even though we had to get our pictures taken on picture day, too. Those were in our uniforms, though... I wonder what they did with them.