Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I have an idea...

... let's be as weird as we possibly can.

Last year my friends and I begun a tradition. These are the steps for this tradition:

Step 1: I am an excellent procrastinator. I'm actually procrastinating right now (I have a Government article to analyze). The first step is very simply for me to not be doing my homework.

Step 2: Within regular intervals, I will use the time I am wasting to write a Note on Facebook. This note is to be formatted like a questionnaire. I will find random questions on Google, and answer them.

Step 3: I tag my friends. My friends read it and comment and make me generally happy (because I like reading comments).

Step 4: They copy and paste into their own Note, write their own quirky answers, and tag me and other friends.

This is our tradition. I started to title mine with Chapter numbers after a conversation with Alysa.*

One thing that it is imperative to know is that we DO NOT take them seriously. In fact, my most recent note, Chapter 21,** is the weirdest piece of fiction I have ever written in my life. I'm pretty sure none of it is true.

I bring this up because I think it is interesting to see how I have grown in the past two years (which is roughly how long this has been going on). Also, because I am vain and like rereading things that I write, which is what I was doing that inspired this here lovely blog post.

Thank you all for the birthday wishes! I had an okay birthday. It was very much like any day at school. The REAL party is on Friday, when Anna and I are having a joint celebration at the T-Rex cafe. Yes, it is a dinosaur themed cafe. No I have never been there. YES I am so totally unbelievable excited.

With much adultliness,

PS! I've told you that seniors get to dress down on Fridays, right? And that we have themes? Well the theme this Friday is animals, and I don't know what to do! Halp!

Reader Palooza!

Alysa: Funny story about Dave Coulier (aka: Uncle Joey). Apparently he went to college with the father of a girl in my advisory, and they sometimes go to dinner. CORRELATIONS. *does the correlation dance* There is a dance for everything.

Hannah: Lanyards are fun. I have some from camps that I went to, and from Wrockstock! And I'm starting to think that most colleges have Potter groups of some sort; I see them everywhere. Additionally, I want to reciprocate the wonderful praise you gave me in your blog. Every bit of it. (Except maybe the parts about sharing a birthday with Jason Derulo. I don't think I will reciprocate that.)

*We were talking about how one day these questionnaires will become our memoirs.

**If you haven't already added me on facebook, feel free to do so. Unless you are a creepy stranger who just stumbled upon my blog; I won't add you, you're creepy, stop reading my blog. But for the rest of you, I like to think that I have interesting mini-blogs on my facebook. And it is a good way to stalk me, if that so pleases you. (SERIOUSLY YOU STRANGER, GO AWAY)

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