Friday, September 3, 2010

The Object of the Game...

... to be as strange as possible. At least, it is when I play Apples to Apples.

Hello, readers of blog! Long time no... blog! Bah dum, chh! (That didn't even make sense)

Today I went for part two of my dentist-cavity-fixing appointment. Thing. Since I get so stressed about the shot, my mom pressured me into getting laughing gas. Haha. Ha...

I expected to be able to tell you wild stories of how I stumbled blissfully into inanimate objects, laughed my ass off, and was generally loopy. But I think I might be immune to the gas. I just felt sleepy, but that could have been lack of sleep and the fluorescent lights. And I still cried when they gave me the shot.

But that is not what I wanted to blog about. I have HAPPIER tales to tell!

I have probably mentioned that I went to piano camp this summer. At camp, I met another girl from Kansas City. She's 13, and reminds me strongly of The Wordsmith. We are very good friends now, and tonight my sisters and I went to a Game Night at her house! 'Twas much fun. We played Scattergories, Banana Grams, Hearts, and Spoons. And we ate brownies and tea. I mean really, it doesn't get a whole lot better than that.

Whilst my sisters and I were driving to her house, we got a little bit lost. So I stopped at a stop sign at a lazy intersection while The Wordsmith called and asked for directions. When we were sitting there, another car pulled up to the adjacent stop sign. I figured they were confused, since I was just sitting there when I should have been goin; the guy kept looking at us as if confused. Then The Diva said, "OH MY GAWD!" and hit my arm. The guy drove off as she said that, still looking, and he was laughing. "Oh my gawd, Maggie, that's Mr. Bertalott!"*

Mr. Bertalott is a theology teacher at our beloved Academy. And he is a little creepy. Juuuuust a little.** So THAT was fun!

I did more fun stuff today, but I won't go into all that.***

This weekend there is an Irish Festival going on downtown, and on Monday the Renaissance Festival starts! And on Tuesday I have four tests! Definitely not summer any longer...

With much sillynezz,****

*I have not changed any names to preserve the privacy of anyone. His name is actually Bertalott.


***Just know that my advisory (homeroom) spent well over an hour examining, debating, and arguing over a silly band. And now we are making a sweat shirt based on it. This is what intellectual, mature high-school girls do at an academically rigorous school.

****That was a strained attempt at a joke about silly bandz. Geddit?


  1. 1. Bananagrams = Love

    2. Our RenFest doesn't start for another month, but I am anxiously counting down the days. I typically start looking forward to it in April, and it's pretty much the highlight of my year.

  2. Yay, fun times! Not so much for creepy teachers. o.o

  3. I like that you didn't change names for privacy. Except that you call your sisters The Diva and The Wordsmith.