Wednesday, August 10, 2011

BEDA Day 10: Have a crocodile

Good day, my dearest blog readers!

Today was one of those "wake up after 11" days and not do too much. I played Magic the Gathering again with Kristen and was trounced quite soundly almost every time. We took a short break to make butterbeer, which was quite successful. The whipped topping was much too strong, however, and I made a note on the recipe to fix that for next time.

After Kristen left, I spent some quality time with tumblr, where Adam was responding to a lot of asks. At one point they started to get out of hand, so he asked for pictures of crocodiles. I sent him one, but he never responded to it. And I grew sad. Here is a sad crocodile:

I think tomorrow I will make cookies. This seems like a good idea. Until the 'morrow, my dear blog readers!

With butteriness,

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