Tuesday, August 9, 2011

BEDA Day 9: An Abundance of Geekiness

In exactly a week from now, I will be sitting in my new dorm room. All of my stuff will be moved in and put in place, and my parents and sisters will be back home. My roommate won't be there yet, so I will have one night by myself.

As excited as I am about this huge change which is looming ever closer, I just can't bring myself to talk about it right now. It would feel too self-indulgent. Because I KNOW that once I get to school it's going to be IOWA STATE this and IOWA STATE that. So for now, I will spare you.

Instead, let us talk about alcohol. Specifically, butterbeer. Specifically specifically, a non-alcoholic butterbeer recipe that I am going to try. So I guess we AREN'T talking about alcohol after all...

Regardless, today I went to the grocery store and bought all necessary ingredients for BUTTERBEER. And tomorrow I am going to brew the concoction. And then, I am going to DRINK IT!

I also might make butterbeer cupcakes again. These were the the product of my last try.
This next time around (if I actually end up making them), they will be mini cupcakes. Let us all take a moment to collectively say "Awwww!" Mini cupcakes. Aw yeah.

I believe that is all I have to say. I am going to go browse the Magic the Gathering forums and perhaps play a bit of Lord of the Rings Online with Rachel. Have a wonderfully geeky day.

With geekitude,


  1. I must say, when I read let's talk about alcohol I got concerned. Then I saw butterbeer and then I felt better :P. Good luck with your butterbeer! those cupcakes look delicious!!

  2. What recipe are you using? Can I haz it?