Tuesday, August 16, 2011

BEDA Day 16: Let's go for a walk

Hello my dearest blog readers! Today I come to you from my shiny new DORM ROOM! It is much bigger than I had thought, which is excellent. More room to make dastardly plans, hmmm, yesss...

After my family got me all moved in and left, I was walking on campus. I felt like a big important college type person, and I fancied that nobody around me would know if I were a freshman or not. But then I remembered that freshmen were the only ones moved in so far, so EVERYONE was a freshman. 

As I walked along, that awkward thing happened. You know, the one where you realise that you are taking the same route as someone else, and then it looks like one of you is just following the other. Well, I happened to be behind this girl, so it looked like I was the one who was creepily following her around campus. 

I was not terribly concerned, however; I pride myself on my unassuming demeanor and non-threatening strut.* However, this girl turned several times to look nervously behind her, glancing my way. A bit confused, I slowed my step so that she could get farther ahead of me.

And then! My dear blog readers, do you know what she did? She pulled out her cell phone and pretended to call someone! As if I were threatening! I will admit, at the time I was affronted. I wanted to say to her, "Dear girl, I am a freshman here, as are you. We are both new, and it is not so very strange that both of us happen to be walking toward the STUDENT UNION. You've heard of it, I am sure, it is that place where STUDENTS go places. And as I have already pointed out, we are both of us students. So kindly stop acting like a prat."

But I did not say that. Instead of thought of writing my blog post today, and how I would mention that. Which I have just done. What an accomplishment. 

Later this evening my house is going to play Apples to Apples, so I had better go prepare myself for that. Good day!

With a threatening demeanor,

*That is an absolute lie. I would love to strike fear into the hearts of those who see me, causing all to bow to my will. But such is not my luck. Continue reading.


  1. My congratulations on moving into your dorm! Ahh! So exciting! I'm terrified, myself. ANYWAY. Frightening people is quite fun... I myself enjoy dancing in public.

  2. Yay! I'm glad you got to your dorm. I look forward to a Skype/Hangout date later. :D