Friday, August 19, 2011

BEDA Day 19: Tiger

Hello my dearest blog readers!

Do you know what would be really nice? Having a pet tiger. 

If I ever become a very influential and important ambassador for the United States, I shall have a grand estate on foreign soil-- perhaps in India or the Philippines. And although that grand estate will certainly have a most excellent security system (rigged by myself, of course, with my vast knowledge of engineering), it will need something more... tangible... to intimidate lesser criminals who may not understand the sheer idiocy of trying to break into my estate. Enter the tiger.

The tiger will be my pet, my adoring servant. I shall be a fair and just master, but a master all the same. The tiger, whose name will be Elvira Jamere the Feared, will be like to a guard dog. She will live to protect me and my domain, and she shall prowl the grounds of my estate, hunting down those who seek my downfall. After all, every noteworthy person in the world has those who would wish them harm.

Oh but they did not count on Elvira Jamere. 

With fearsomeness,

PS Sometimes I have to indulge myself in these wild fancies. And because it is BEDA, tonight you were dragged into this, for which I apologize most deeply. Have a wonderful night.