Sunday, August 14, 2011

BEDA Day 14: All revved up with no place to go

Well THAT title is an obscure reference to a song that most people probably won't know.

I spent almost all of my time and energy today on packing all of my stuff. This consisted of three parts:

Part One: Transferring everything I am taking from my room to my living room. This took roughly 10 trips up and down two flights of stairs, since my room is on the third floor of my house.

Part Two: Organizing all my my things once they were down here; folding my laundry, putting my old math notes in my backpack, and loading up my new pencil bag were just a few examples of this.

Part Three: Moving my newly organized things from my living room floor to the trunk of my car. Kristen came to visit me, since this is my last full day at home, and she helped greatly with this process. As she said, "I am very good at tetris." I am very proud of how well we did.

When Kristen and I had loaded about 90% of my things into my car, my friend Anna came over. We had tea that my mom made for us, and then we ate Indian food.

I do not feel like I am leaving. Even after saying goodbye to three of my friends on Friday, and even now after saying goodbye to Kristen and Anna a few hours ago. In my head, this isn't happening. It's not real. It won't be nearly 4 months before I see some of them again.

What IS real is this movie that I am about to watch. Since I saw Sherlock the television series last week, it is appropriate that I watch Sherlock the movie tonight.

With a trunk full of junk,


  1. I know what you mean by saying goodbye to friends i've done it plenty of times. But you guys can always keep in touch, texts, skype, facebook. Actually a group of my friend kept up a facebook thread for a while with updates about our lives, and left our addresses on there so if someone wanted to send us stuff they could. So that kind of stuff helps you all keep in touch :)

  2. Never underestimate the power of Tetris players when it comes to organizing a big move. :)