Thursday, August 4, 2011

BEDA Day 4: Stability?

Today's blog will be short and perhaps a little bit annoying. I am finding it hard to think of something to talk about. This is partially because the television is on, and I am TERRIBLE at doing anything when something is playing. But it is also because I feel stuck.

As you know, I am in Florida at the moment (here is a video I posted yesterday with some of my beach shenanigans). But really, all I want is to be home. In a mere 12 days, I'll be moving to Iowa for the beginning of the school year. I've never lived anywhere besides the house we currently occupy and call home. And I am going to miss it. I'm going to miss my family, and my cat. I'm going to miss my bed, and my privacy.

What I really want right now is to be home, while it is still my home. At the moment I feel like I am in limbo, and I need some sort of stability right before I make a huge leap into the next huge part of my life. The beach is not stable. There are too many waves, I can't stand up in them. Plus, there was totally a dead bird among the seaweed while I was swimming today, and I just don't want to deal with that level of emotional trauma.

With homesickliness,


  1. I would say something comforting, but everything I try to piece together just comes out sounding trite and a bit irritating. So I'll spare you, but here's a nice big virtual hug.


  2. Maggie, I am sending you all my hugs and all my support. I know that having your internet friends tell you that they're sending you love isn't as good as actually being home and having a bit of chill out time...however, it's what we can do for you.

    Again, I send you my love,


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  4. I read that as "I saw a totally dead bird" and I thought, "Maggie, that is ridiculous. You are either dead or you aren't. There's no need to qualify that with 'totally'." Anyway, just thought I would let you know what was going through my head. Can't wait to see you when you get home.