Tuesday, August 23, 2011

BEDA Day 23: Taking a break

... from writing a paper so that I can write a blog, and then-- when I am done-- read things that other people wrote. 

Hello my dearest blog readers!

I come to you today at a late, though not unreasonable, hour. I have just spent the past several hours working on homework, which is both TERRIFYING and WONDERFUL. It is terrifying because good gravy it is only my second day of classes! It is wonderful because I have missed being in school.

Today I met my Spanish teacher, who is energetic and crazy. She gesticulates wildly, is theatrical, and is all-around a LOVELY person. I think I will enjoy her class immensely, even more so because it is discussion-based. I have grown tired of grammar after 12 years of it.

The other day I was walking down the hall and I heard a guy say the most adorable thing. Someone asked him how he had been recently, and he responded, "Just peachy keen, jelly bean!" Said with the right amount of enthusiasm and sincerity, this line could make any girl fall for a guy, I am absolutely sure of it.*

As for now, I am going to continue my short break and attempt to catch up on the dozens of blogs I have fallen behind on the past few days, and then do some reading assignments. So much reading there is, yes there is.

With keenness,

*No I am not, but we can pretend I am, shall we? We shall. Read on.