Monday, August 22, 2011

BEDA Day 22: Hitting the books

... metaphorically speaking, of course. I would never physically abuse a book, they are such wonderful companions, so knowledgeable!

Well hello there, my dearest blog readers! I hope you had a wonderful weekend! I certainly did. I had so much fun on Saturday that I forgot to blog. Sunday was more tame, but it seems that the internet was a bit hung over still, because it wasn't functioning properly. Ah well! Here is a blog for TODAY,  my first day of classes!

I had four classes today, and they were roughly as follows:

10AM- Calculus
There were, to say the least, a LOT of people in this class. I was one of the first there (being the eager beaver I am, and also desirous of a seat in front, which I got). I met a girl who is also in one of my learning communities, which was awesome. As we chatted the room kept filling up. And filling up... and filling up. Until finally there were 192 students packed into one lecture hall. I counted them myself.*

11AM- Chemistry
There were quite a few more people than a LOT. I would estimate closer to HOLY BAJEEZUS, isn't this a fire hazard??**

1PM- Honors
This isn't so much a typical class as it is a "get to know the 15 students in your Honors Program section, while sometimes doing projects, and-- oh yeah, your library class is built in and made a lot shorter so you don't have to remember to start coming halfway through the semester and take agonizingly easy tests, YOU'RE WELCOME" class. Plus, they gave us starbursts. I mean. Come on.

3PM- English
Pretty self-explanatory, really. We read, we write. The section I'm in is with other Honors Students, so I won't have to deal with TOO MANY blithering idiots. And there are about 25-30 of us in a class. I didn't count.***

Now I am sitting in my room writing assignments in my planner for the next few months. And I should probably get started on my assignments due tomorrow or Wednesday. Yes, we already have assignments! In EVERY class so far!

Well, considering that I just started to write a really long-winded rant about a line in the Wizard of Oz, I think that it is time to call the blog quits (just for today!) and go do some homework. 

With business to attend to,

*If "counting" means "writing down the number that the professor casually dropped."

**Which is roughly 450, if the professor can be trusted. Which I think he can. I mean, at the end of class he exploded several balloons in bursts of flame. What's not to trust?

***I did however count that there were 3 Matthews, 2 Christophers, 2 Katelyns, and 2 other boys whose names I cannot remember. I mean JEEZ I've been here for a week and heard a hundred names, I can't remember everyone!

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  1. Good luck on the lack of blithering idiots. Just remember not to be one yourself :P