Thursday, August 18, 2011

BEDA Day 18: New fran

Hello my dearest blog readers! Today I rode the bus ALL BY MYSELF.* It was quite the adventure. We even missed the bus just as it left! My life is going to get exciting, I can tell!

I was a very productive little college girl today. A list of my ACTIVITIES includes:

1. Rereading The Alchemist (summer assignment) and annotating the whole thing.
2. Finding the printing lab and discovering that my allotted paper balance has not be set yet (engineering students get TONS of free paper).
3. Going to lunch with my roommate and a NEW FRIEND, who popped into our room and asked if we had eaten yet (which we hadn't).
4. Riding the BUS to Target to pick up more food (because of COURSE we need more) and a few other things.
5. Being accosted by a NERDFIGHTER in my small group for the welcome weekend. (She saw my VidCon lanyard and asked, "Did you really go to VidCon??")
6. Watching a martial arts demonstration and getting a flier to join the club (yet ANOTHER potential club to add to my ever-growing list)
7. Walking by a dance flash mob.
8. Learning the school fight song and various other chants while the band performed. SUPERB.
9. Laughing my ass off at the motivational speaker, who had me in stitches for about 45 minutes.
10. Discovering that I have the room to myself until after midnight and consequently eating a lot of frosted animal crackers and goldfish.

Man, I do not like lists. But I also do not like writing blogs under the stress of "YOU HAVE FIVE MINUTES TO MIDNIGHT, GO GO GO, WRITE A GOOD FUNNY BLOG!" But really, who writes in those conditions?

With fatigue,

*With my roommate.

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