Friday, August 5, 2011

BEDA Day 5: #nopants

Yesterday, as I sought a topic to discuss, several of my friends suggested that I talk about our collab channel on YouTube. "But guyysssss," I intoned whine-ily (as much over Skype as I could manage). "Most people who read my blog already KNOW about it. And it's just us who cares about what we make. We make it for each other, blah blah blah." Something to that effect, anyway.

But I think that when I eventually did post my blog, several of them were disappointed to see that it was not, in fact, about our beloved channel. Or, perhaps more accurately, they were disappointed not to see something about themselves on my [infamous] blog. Ahem.

So today's blog will be entirely dedicated to the members of HashtagNoPants, the up-and-coming YouTube channel run by 8 of the bestest internet friends (with occasional appearances from other internet friends who are also bestest and whatnot).

In February (the 23rd, to be exact), one Luke Merren was in YourPants, the nerdy social networking site. As he browsed the forums, he saw newly-made Nerdfighting friends talking about making collaborative YouTube channels (more commonly called "collabs").

As a bearded man (all bearded men have secret wisdom), he thought it would be an excellent idea to start a collab of his own. He already had the friends to work with, it was just a matter of asking who was interested. And where do you go for such inquiries as this? Twitter.

Twitter quickly informed him that the pizza-loving, herp-derping Celerine Dijon (or Celine, for short) was VERY much interested in this project. Soon afterward, Maria-- who has exceptional taste in music-- joined in the collab conga line.

But what are three people when there is so much room for love and friendship under one YouTube domain? No, three would not do. After much wrangling and many an @reply on Twitter, Amelia the Lamb, Paige Barrowman, Angela (who is not always a microphone), and myself had joined in the collaborative ruckus.

The following night we arranged a Skype meeting, in order to set some rules and guidelines for the newly founded "hashtagnopants." And also to fight for who got to upload on what day. If you have been paying attention and are proficient in the mathematical art of addition, then you will notice that there were 7 people in this group. This meant that there would be one video each day of the week, an arrangement with which some people were... hesitant. That is a lot of videos.

I do not know whether it was by chance or design, but Nick Bihm, the doctor and penguin-love-enabler, logged onto skype that night. As Luke was heretofore the only male species in the group, Bihm's shy request to join was eagerly accepted, and he became the 8th and last member of Hashtagnopants.

After much yelling and arguing and figuring and refiguring, it was ultimately decided that we would make videos on a biweekly schedule. This afforded all of us twice as much time to work on videos (which would, in theory, mean that they would be more quality), and it also gave an excuse to use the word "fortnight."

As it stands, the cycle works like this:

The last Friday of a cycle has been reserved as a "Challenge Friday." Challenges are set by each of the members of the channel, who are known as Wardrobe Masters. The first challenge was set by Celine (Alpha Monday). The second was set by Luke (Alpha Tuesday), etc.

On Casual Fridays, anybody can post anything they like. It is a free-form day for us to use in whatever way we please. A certain Nicholas Bihmerson and I had planned and scripted a video to post on a Casual Friday MONTHS ago. It is a very good video, and some day I hope to see it. Nick, this is not the only thing you are allowed to comment on in my comment box. You've been warned.

As far as collabs go, I think hashtagnopants is highly successful. I've heard rumors from the other Wardrobe Masters that our subscriber count has gone over 100 now, but I honestly could not care less. When I make a video to post on this channel, I think of 7 people.

... plus Rachel, Nikki, Liz, Whimsy, Dustin... okay, so I think of more than 7 people. But the point it that I think of my friends. I make my videos for them. This channel is not to jump on the collab bandwagon, it's to make videos for and with each other. Because that is what big old YouTube nerds do.

With love,


  1. yeahhh cause i like my full name being out on the interwebz
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    cause im AWESOME!

  2. THIS POST. You've written my exact feelings. Thank you! Also, that video will be done by Christmas. (maybe)