Sunday, August 15, 2010

All the King's horses... BEDA #15

... and all the king's men, couldn't put Humpty together again.*

I'm sitting in my room, on my bed. My computer is sorta kinda really freaking out, since the wireless internet signal is so weak here. Here being the third floor of my house.

My cat is curled up next to me. She tried to sit in between my laptop and my arms, but that didn't work. See, look at the picture. Do you see it? That is my lap and laptop. And yes, that is also a Winnie the Pooh blanket.

I have retreated to my room with my laptop and a cup of tea in the hopes that I can do some homework. Which is why I am going to make this blog nice and short. You're welcome, you're welcome.

I have the movie All the President's Men sitting next to me, ready to be watched.** Never seen it, but I've heard great things about it. Tell me what you think. I promise I won't steal your ideas for my paper. Or, if I do, I will give you due credit. Shall I write your real name or your username?

I have one thing I'd really like for you guys to answer in the comments (like, really, answer it please!) I was thinking about having a separate blog where I put some of my favorite recipes and little stories or dialogues accompanying them. For example, I would have put the hummus recipe that I used yesterday (it is really, really good). Would you guys read it? Please tell me!

With much homework,

Something I learned today: There is a Monty Python video at my local store that I haven't seen and I WANT it. But I have to do my homework... le sigh.

*Did you know that "Humpty" referred to a cannon, not a giant egg? It was an actual cannon that fell from a wall, in REAL life! And where did the egg even come in? There is no reference to an egg anywhere in the nursery rhyme. Did you notice that?

**Except I just realised after posting this blog that there isn't even a disk drive on this little laptop. *fail* Instead, I'm just going to read The Thirteen American Arguments by Howard Fineman, which is also a homework assignment.


  1. It's funny, just last week I was at Molly's making cupcakes and whilst cracking the eggs, I brought up the fact that nobody ever said humpty dumpty was an egg...

    Also, in the Genesis story with the garden and the fruit from the tree eaten by Adam and Eve, why is the fruit drawn without fail as an apple? WHO SAID IT HAD TO BE AN APPLE?

    Conclusion: The human race loves to patch the holes of the unknown with placeholders that are convenient and boring. Humpty Dumpty could have been a boy with glass bones and paper skin. The fruit could easily have been a mango.

  2. Hello! Just stopping by to say I was awarded the Versatile Blogger Award and have decided to pass it on to you!

  3. I found this a while back and still go through every once in a while to read recipes. It is HILARIOUS and BEAUTIFUL.

    So yes. Yes, I would. xD