Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Warning... BEDA #24

... this blog post contains high levels of insantiy. It may not be suitable for all readers. Side effects include: eye-rolling, guffawing, paper cuts, loss of brain cells, loss of respect, snorting, headaches, runny noses, computer viruses, clogged sinks, sunburn, and anatidaephobia. All symptoms except the last one are scientifically explainable. We've no fucking idea where that last one comes from. Talk to your school nurse before reading this blog; sometimes she has Hello Kitty band-aids.

Oh no. I have been staring at my empty blog for a full few minutes now. No ideas. Ohh... *wrings hands*

What to do, what to do... *paces* What does one do when one is completely out of ideas? Does one turn to complaining about having nothing in one's life to blog about? No, one has probably already done that several times. Should one Google something to blog about? No, I know. I need to stop saying "one." *slams head on desk*

Hello dear blog readers! *unconvincing smile*

Oh, oops. I left for a few minutes. I was playing with a slinky. I apologize. *is shamed*

Aaaaand I just did it again. Okay, focus... ON WHAT THOUGH??! AAAAaaaaaaaAAAhhhhhhHHhHHh!

Will one of you come slap me through the computerrrrr-- I JUST REMEMBERED SOMETHING!

So I was sitting in government class today, drawing a unicorn and a zombie and a gnome and a rainbow (it was for my Art Club application), and I came to the conclusion that I would blog about AL FRANKEN today. The problem is that I had this epiphany during my second class of the day. And no one can expect me to remember anything from so ridiculously long ago.

AL FRANKEN. Is amazing. I am reading his book Lies and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them for government (which is why I thought about it during government class. CORRELATIONS!). The title itself is brilliant, and sounds like something I would name a potential book that I would potentially write. Except I am no author, so I must satisfy myself with READING books with such brilliant titles.

AL FRANKEN is a senator, I do believe, but he used to be a COMEDIAN. A well informed, sound of mind comedian, but a comedian all the same. And he's funny!

I'm only about 50ish pages into the book, so I haven't made FULL JUDGEMENT yet. But I definitely most probably recommend that you guys READ it. I thought that (like other politically-tended books) it would be an interesting but frequently tedious read. NO. I keep laughing out loud. I want to ignore my other homework and just READ it. I stayed up an extra half hour to read more last night, and I am a BRAT when it comes to sleep. It is THAT good. =O

I texted my friend Sarah (because she read it for class, too, but has already finished, and was actually the one who recommended that I read it *deep breath*) saying "OH MY GOD I LOVE AL FRANKEN! I'm his new biggest fan." That is a direct quote. You can legitimately quote me on that. *nods vigorously*

I think it is time that I stop bombarding you with my words now. I'm sure there is some sort of substance control for these levels of incoherency and craziness. Hope I haven't addled your brains! *wink wink* *nudge* (There is no joke there. Please ignore all evidence to the contrary)

With much blinking,

Something I learned today: Alysa, my very good, amazing, spectacular, dramatic friend is going to overthrow the French Club president and instate herself as president. The rest of us are going to be the background dancers in this coup.

PS I just realised that I should tell you something that might explain some things (probably not). I write my blog, THEN write my title and the following... subtitle..? I guess-- The thing that I put in italics every blog. I write both of those things AFTER writing my blog.

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  1. Craziness is fun. I am in favor of it.

    I am also in favor of unicorns.