Wednesday, August 4, 2010

She's the Dancing Diva... BEDA #4

... young and dramatic, only sixteen. -ABBA (sort of)

I sort of want to take a break from discussing my family and vacation. But I'm afraid that once I get back home, I'll run out of things to blog about. You can see my dilemma, I'm sure; I don't want to bore you now OR later. *sigh* My life is unbelievably difficult.

Today, my sisters and I decided to entertain ourselves by filming each other dancing stupidly. The Diva is surprisingly good at dancing (I say "surprisingly" because the rest of us can bring a room to tears with our terrible moves).* All the blinds were down from last night when we watched Agatha Christie's Poirot (very good). Emily, while dancing along to Shakira and Alejandro Sans' La Tortura,** was pulling on the chain to open the blind and it BROKE. My mom and I fixed it, though, so it's all good.

Yesterday after I wrote my blog, my sisters and I wandered around by the lake. We took off our shoes and tried to keep our feet in the water for as long as possible (though it's August, the water is really cold). The Diva, being the clever girl she is, dropped her shoe in the water. The waves carried it first just out of her reach. We scrambled to some rocks that were closer to the shoe*** and tried to reach without falling in. But why should you avoid the water, when it can come to you? We got soaked in a big splash that crashed on the rocks as we were leaning over. Did I mention that the water is cold? And we never even got her shoe. It's just out there somewhere, floating on the water, perhaps being used as a perch by a seagull.

I think I'll leave today's blog at that. Don't forget to tell me something you learned today!

With much soakedness,

*I'll put a video at the bottom. The Diva is dancing, I am filming.

**Yes, I listen to Spanish pop music. It is really good, okay? Y me encanta español. De vez enseño en la lengua. But I digress.

***Scrambling on rocks while barefoot is both difficult and slightly painful.

Something I learned today: Always look at the mini Reese's cup you're about to pop in your mouth. Because there may have been a second paper lining that you didn't notice. And paper linings do not taste good.

The Diva Dances (I promise it is worthwhile to watch to the end. That is... if you are as insane as I):

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