Monday, August 30, 2010

The penultimate blog... BEDA #30

... similar to the penultimate peril, but it's a blog.

Often when I am sitting in class, only semi-paying attention, I will have a brilliant idea for a blog. As I start to write it down I say to myself, "No, Maggie. You need to focus on class. Don't worry, you won't forget SUCH A GREAT IDEA!"

Yes, yes you will. This sort of thing happens to me all the time, yet I haven't learned to just write whatever I'm thinking of on a piece of paper.

I wore socks today. Well, I wear socks every day. It's part of our uniform code; Thou shalt wear close-toed shoes and socks of the color black or white. But my mom made my socks! Which makes them special, and better than everyone else's socks combined. Well, maybe not combined.*

Last Friday I had to leave my Government class ten minutes early, so I missed the announcement that our test on Tuesday (tomorrow) would be over all of Chapter 1, and that to prepare for the test, we need to READ Chapter 1. So, that is my homework. To read Chapter 1, take notes, study them, and be tested on them tomorrow morning. *half-hearted fist pump* Have I mentioned that I'm not a very driven person when it comes to studying?**

Well, enough about me, tell me about you. Seriously. I want each of you to write something in the comments. If you need to rant about something, rant. If you want to gush, gush. If you want to share a word you learned, share it. Here are some examples of comments that I want to see:

You stubbed your toe this morning, and then your cat attacked it because it thought it was a mouse.
You saw one of your teachers out jogging, and it was extremely awkward.
Someone wore their shirt inside out today, and the tag said "Wednesday."
You wore a pair of shorts that you haven't worn in a while and found $10 in the pocket.
Someone got an A on their last paper! *points at you*
Oh my gosh, I love the word exacerbate soooo much!
Etcetera, etcetera.

I really need to go do my homework now. It's almost 6:30, and I want to watch Rachel Maddow.***

With much strangeness,****

*Yes, combined.

**I'm not a very driven person when it comes to studying.

***I kinda (read: really) fangirl Rachel Maddow.

****My friends and I on facebook have this thing, where whenever we are procrastinating a lot, we start a questionnaire. Generally I start them, since I am the best procrastinator, but yesterday Anna started one. And it was WEIRD as shit. So I decided to fill it out as weirdly as possible, and I haven't been completely normal ever since.


  1. Today, I had to go to the Post office to pick up my Geology Textbook. When I arrived, there was a group of people waiting outside, so I waited in line with them. About five minutes went by, so I taped the shoulder in front of me and asked, "When do they open?" The lady stared at me and said, "They are open. This line is for us mail carriers pickin' up our truck keys."

    Nick: Mailman wannabe apparantly

  2. I made a sandwich today and stuck it in my purse because I didn't feel like carrying a lunch box. Long story short, my purse now smells like sandwich.

  3. Today at work this woman was buying her children back to school clothes and as she was swiping her card she said "shit I didn't get you guys any socks. I hope you can find one matching pair for tomorrow."
    I said "I don't think I wore matching socks before I was 15." Just to, you know, engage in coversation.
    I got a DEATH STARE. It was, like, terrorfing.

  4. Those are some AWESOME socks. I wonder how many socks there are in the world?

    Today was a day. I'm breathing and everything. And stuff.

    Peer: "Professionally! That's a word I learned today."