Monday, August 16, 2010

Versatility... BEDA #16

... is my middle name.

Ruth tagged me in the Versatile Blogger award! This not only makes me feel special, but gives me the opportunity to do a quick blog. Because, dear readers of Blog, I still have a lot of homework to do.* So on to the purpose of this blog!

As a Versatile Blogger taggee, I am to give you EIGHT facts. HOWEVER! One of them is FALSE (I feel like I'm doing a weird, bloggy version of Truth or Fail). Your job, readers, is to decide which you think is false, and tell me in the comments. And without further ado, here are my factoids:

1. My favorite show is NCIS.
2. I have only ever lived in one house (this one that I'm sitting in right now).
3. The first time I went to an overnight camp was last summer.
4. I am really good at games like poker and murder.
5. I have played and beaten Luke Conard and Jason Munday in Mario Kart.
6. My car's name is Germ.
7. For a long time, my aunt thought that I permed my hair to make it curly.
8. I used to dislike cats.

Choose the wrong answer, or you FAIL!

With (still) much homework,

Something I learned today: Alysa is coming over tomorrow before our senior orientation. Yay! *and there was much celebration and happiness*

*I watched All the President's Men yesterday. It was so, so good. I definitely recommend it.


  1. I figured the BEDA-ers would need this award. It's so hard to come up with something new everyday!

    I'm going to guess... number 8. Don't really have a reason except that I always thought all kids loved cats AND dogs...

  2. I know which is false and I will not say as to not ruin the surprise for every one else.

  3. @LaPetite Of course YOU know which is false! I was actually thinking about that very thing when I wrote up my list. But you just know everything about me, so there is no way I could trick you.

  4. Well, I think that #3 is false!
    Thanks for the tag! I'll blog in this style tomorrow! xD