Saturday, August 7, 2010

This or That- BEDA #7

...or perhaps the other.

I was originally going to write about my family (including my parents) acting like utter children at dinner two nights ago for this blog. It was going to be great, I was going to treat it like a novel (because sometimes I think in novel form. I'm not going to be a novelist, and I don't really have a desire to write them, but there it is), and it might have been funny.

Then I was going to write a blog about my upcoming year as a senior in highschool and discuss my ongoing college search. But after finishing that blog, I reread it and bored myself to tears. I'll just leave it at this: I'm going to be a senior, I got into all of my desired classes (US Government, AP Calculus, Physics, Spanish IV, Computer Graphics, Writing, Shakespeare), I'm starting to buckle down on my college search, and I am almost positive I want to be an engineer. Wow, I just consolidated that formerly very long boring blog into a very long boring sentence.

Dear readers, I am afraid that I am being boring. I don't want to be boring. But right now, my life is not very interesting. I have summer homework that I need to finish, and eleven hours of service that I need to complete. I want to be able to entertain you every day this month, but I'm not sure how. Ah, the tribulations of blogging.

I guess I'll end this post with some questions.

1. What is an adventure that you have been on or want to go on? I need some adventures, and who is more inspiring than other people?
2. What's a class you've taken that you really liked? Or one that you're looking forward to?
3. Who is one of your favorite YouTubers who is not so big? I really like TheGearsKeepTurning. He's pretty cool. And Welsh.

With a bit of borningness,

Something I learned today: I hung out with one of my friends today whom I hadn't seen in about a month. And we talked a lot about the upcoming few years. So I learned through voicing my thoughts that I am both so ready for the freedom of college, but also not at all prepared to leave my family and my highschool. Quite the conundrum. What did you learn?

Also, if you guys have any suggestions whatsoever about ways for me to improve my blog, I promise the following: I will not be mad at you, I will carefully consider each suggestion, and I will be eternally grateful to know that you even care.


  1. We all see ourselves as boring, I find the "boring" lives of other people intersting. I love reading about the every day montonous lives of people. I don't find you boring at all but exceptionally ordinary.

    1. I would REALLY like to drive across America. I just think it would be amazing. Most of the people I know are Internet people, so I'd get to meet/see all of them.

    2.The BEST class I ever took was my American Lit class my Junior year of high school. I also really loved my college creative writing class.

    3. I've mentioned before that I love JustMargaret. She's just silly and fun.

  2. You mention Anna by name. And not me. I am SUPREMELY insulted.

    Also, I likes your blog! :)