Monday, August 2, 2010

And now the journey has ended- BEDA #2

"The journey" referring to the long drive to our vacation spot in Minnesota, which begun yesterday, and ended today.

Dear blog readers. Thank you for reading. Please continue, even if I almost scare you off. I promise, I cannot bite you through the computer. I also promise that not all of my blogs will be so insane. I am suffering from long exposure to my family of five, though it's not all bad. A perk of being constantly in the car with my two insane little sisters (who would want me to point out are not, in fact, all that little), is that they do some blog- worthy things. At least I think so. But I am equally as insane as they are, so my sense of humor is most probably warped. But I shall tell you my stories and let you be the judge.

We just a mere hour ago finished listening to an audio book by E. Lockhart.* The Disreputable History of Frankie Landau-Banks was, to say the least, amusing and enlightening. It made me think a lot, and I certainly recommend it. One of the short little dialogues that so amused me in the minivan stemmed from Frankie's nickname, "Bunny Rabbit." My littlest sister (a mere 14 years old) said, "Seriously, who nicknames their kid Bunny Rabbit?"bluntly delicately reminded her that we called her Baby Cakes, to which she replied, "That is valid." Then we all burst out laughing. I suppose the hilarity of the situation was more a cause of being tired and having travelled for hours and hours, rather than an actual hilariousness. That, and our peculiar insanity, which I wish to remind you of.

A short while afterward, we stopped at a cafe to have lunch. My mom and middle sister (henceforth known as The Diva) ordered the blackberry iced tea, and my littlest sister (forthwith called The Batshit Insane Aspiring Novelist The Wordsmith) and myself ordered hot chai.** The iced tea came rather quickly, but was cast aside my my mother even quicker. According to her fine palate for tea (which I say in the least sarcastic way possible), it was "really bad." The Wordsmith and I, upon hearing this, of course had to see for ourselves. Collectively we all agreed that the tea tasted like butt. The Diva quite agreed with this, but continued drinking. I will again point out that she is insane.

Another testimony to her insanitude is the next dialogue that I wished to share. As I previously stated, The Wordsmith and I ordered hot chai. We are somewhat (okay, very) snobbish when it comes to tea, but decided that, despite the preparer having been cinnamon-happy, the chai was not actually bad at all. The excess cinnamon, however, pooled at the bottom of the mug, making the last dregs utterly indigestible. The Diva stated that she wanted to drink the cinnamony concoction (despite having just partaken in a rather lengthy conversation about the origin and inedibility of plain cinnamon). So, being the concerned older sister that I am, I handed her my mug.

"I'm not actually going to drink that!" she exclaimed, horrified.
"Then you're wiser than I thought."
"Okay, I'll drink it,."

What sane person would have said that? What sane person would then have actually drunk the cinnamon? But, as I said, we are not quite sane.

*As a side note, I should like to tell you all that all the authors that hang out together and tweet at one another and are generally authorish with one another have ALL suddenly popped up in my life. After I started high school, I stopped reading so often (I read almost nonstop in gradeschool). I blame the rigorous nature of The Academy (which you will no doubt hear more about in following blogs). But that is beside the point. The point is that we just bought/checked out a ton of books before leaving on vacation, and almost all of the authors that I have heard of through MJ have written one or two of them. It is very weird to know that all these reknowned writers of books sort of hang out together. As much as one can "hang out" when they often don't live in the same state.

**I realise that my use of "henceforth" and "forthwith" is questionable at best, but I like to use such verbiage whenever and wherever possible. Suffice to say, get used to it.

With much hilarity,

Something I learned today: Adding sugar to iced tea that tastes like butt only makes it taste like sweet iced-butt. Which I think The Diva is going to try to market now. What have you learned today?


  1. You're making me want a chai latte. ;D

    This is amazing. Oh, family trips. Memories. Haha.

  2. My school's vending machine sells chai lattes. My friends and I called it "Christmas in a Cup". LOL

    But other than that, I like sticking to my sleepytime tea ^^

    Oh, and today I learned that some old doll houses had electricity. We saw one at the historical society today.