Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Favorite way to... BEDA #11

... say 'red wine' in a German accent?

My cat is right now obscuring half of my computer screen while she attempts to eat some ear buds. I am not kidding. I think I'll go feed her.

Yep, she was hungry. Why she resorted to eating earbuds though, I don't know. She is a weird little bugger.

Wet cat food is one of those smells that it so vile you can never become immune to its toxic aroma. Sure, you become quite good at ignoring it, or holding your breath while dishing it out. But it's still horrid.

That was an odd tangent that I don't think I meant to go on. What I wanted to discuss was short stories. Everyone is posting them! So I am going to jump on that bandwagon. But after this next paragraph.

Apparently this isn't a widespread phenomenon, but my highschool gives us summer homework. I'm taking Writing next year, and we had to do eight writing exercises as our summer assignment. One of these was to pair up words from a list of nouns and a list of verbs to make sentences, then write a short story based on the sentences. I think you see where I am going with this. The sentence that this story is based off of was: "Mosquitos land on my arm and fly away without notice." A boring sentence, but I did rather like the resulting piece. It's short, I promise.

Mosquitos are the bane of my existence. In this instance, "the" has a use more similar to "a." Mosquitos are not the sole bane of my existence; pennies, moths, and certain types of people who hold certian intolerable and insupportable beliefs are also banes of my existence. However, for my purposes today, mosquitos are the bane of my existence.

Just yesterday a mosquito landed on my arm and flew away, almost escaping my notice. But not quite. I had the unsatisfaction of seeing the cursed creature, attempting to swat it, missing, and watching as it flew to its evil, unwarranted, and undeserving freedom. I hate mosquitos.

In the middle of the night, I often wake up to a fiery itchiness plaguing my leg. No matter how I try to ignore it, it will not go away. Perhaps my cover is rubbing it just so, or my cat's tail gently flicks it every now and again. But at 3:00 in the morning, my will is not strong enough to tell my fingers not to scratch the damned bite. Then I have to groggily get out of bed and find some cortizone, rub ample amounts on all offending areas, crawl back to bed, and wait for fatigue to overcome the itchy sensations. I hate mosquitos most passionately.

So there you go. I hate mosquitos. As does most of civilized society, I would imagine, but that is not the point. The point is that I still have a lot of homework to finish before this time next week and I am avoiding it by writing my blog. GOOD DAY! *tips hat*

With much itchiness,

Something I learned today: how to spell the 'ing' form of 'singe'. I tried to write it as 'singing,' but we can all see that that is not correct. It's 'singeing.' Which still looks weird to me, but there it is.

PS The Wordsmith started a blog. Monkey see, monkey do, and what have you (That rhymed). Click the link if you are interested. Or don't. Doesn't matter to me.

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    When I visited my dad last summer his cats ate something like three pairs of earbuds. It was not my favorite.

    I have to read a book (which they didn't tell us about until recently), but they didn't give us summer homework. I am grateful. Good luck with yours!

    I enjoyed your piece. Which makes me feel weird, liking a piece about mosquito, but there you are. You captured your hatred quite well, I think. In any event, yay! Or something. Commenting is not my greatest talent. Apologies. :)