Sunday, August 1, 2010

Thus the journey begins- BEDA #1

Today is day one of BEDA. Today my challenge to write a blog every day for a month begins. Today I leave on a jet plane. Well, in a minivan. They are almost the same, right?

I leave today for Minnesota with my parental units and my two sisters. But before I introduce you to my family, let me introduce you to myself, Maggie. My name is Maggie. On August 18th I start my senior year at my all-girls high school. In September I will turn 18, and in November I get the pleasure of voting in my first election. (I can see it now. I skip in, barely able to suppress a squeal. Whoever is there to log me in-- that's what they do with elections, right? You log in, get patted down, drug test, all that? But I digress-- Whatever authority figure I come across will look disbelieving at me. I'm positive I'm old enough? Oh, absolutely! *much beaming and giggling* And... I want to vote? Of course! I've done my homework, I know the dealio. Where do I get my finger prints taken?) I'm sure it will go over splendidly!

That was a very long interlude to my introduction. Let us plow on: in addition to being VERY MATURE and INCREDIBLY KNOWLEDGABLE about absolutely everything, I am a dilettante (ie: wandering soul who has little purpose or direction). I like most everything. I like art, I like music, math, science, shiny things, dark things, dancing crazily, sleeping, building things, destroying things, the colors blue, green, purple, pink, gold, ivory, cerulean. But I have a short attention span. If you are like me, you actually only skimmed that list that I just wrote. Which means that you missed my short story about a dyslexic squirrel. AND if you are like me, you will go back and read my entire list, and see that I just made that up. There is no such thing as a dixlesyc squirrel! *chortle* (A dyslexic Maggie on the other hand...)

But enough about me. You will probably get to know me uncomfortably well throughout the month. Let's talk about other people! How about... YOU! Yes, come on, don't be shy! Okay, I want you to answer some questions so that I can get to know you! (Oh chuckle-monkeys, now I have to come up with some questions. Too bad this is live and I don't have time to think before asking whatever insane inquiry first comes to mind.) PROCEED!

1. What is your name?
2. What is your quest?
3. What is the air speed velocity of an unladen swallow?
4. What the Bolshevik did I just reference? (Clearly I am too lame to come up with my own questions)

Okay, I think that is enough for now. Oh, one more thing. If any of you read Hayley or Kristina's blogs, you'll notice that they have little memes at the end. Well, I'm going to have a meme, too. I was divinely inspired (ie: stole the idea from my little sister) to write down something that I learned today. Because as the saying goes, you learn something every day.

With lots of curiousness,

Something I learned Today: iTunes is a jerk. My sister (the divinely inspiring one) got a new iPod (she says, "It's shiny and yellow!"). We are trying to put music and such on it, but iTunes is just CONFUSING. We have had much frustration and moustache-pulling with the program before, but then we updated to a new version and were DELUDED into thinking that all was rainbows and peaches. All is NOT rainbows and peaches.

Ooh! You could tell me something YOU learned today in the comments! Yes, I should like very much if you would do that. That will also be part of the meme. We shall all be more knowledgable for it.


  1. I love to find another semicolon lover!

    Also, I have a question for you - African or European?

    I can't wait to see where BEDA takes us!

  2. 1. What is your name? Ruth
    2. What is your quest? ummm.... to finish my novel and get it published!
    3. What is the air speed velocity of an unladen swallow? huh?
    4. What the Bolshevik did I just reference? I don't know, but it sounds familiar... must Google...

    Hmmm... it appears the answer is about 24 mph if you're talking about a European swallow... I can't find anything about what it's supposed to reference. Oh, Monty Python... haha, that movie is funny. I guess that's what I learned today.

  3. 1. Nick
    2. To become a teacher
    3. lolollolol
    4. Monty Python!

    This was awesome! Can't wait to read more!

  4. This was so entertaining omg. I think I love you.

    1. Rachel
    2. To not have a nervous breakdown this month.
    3. brb dying of laughter
    4. Monty Python yo.

  5. I am Deanna, and my plan is to try to do something worth reading about this August.