Thursday, August 5, 2010

I don't have much to say... BEDA #5

... but if you vote for me all of your wildest dreams will come true.

It is highly possible that I will not post a blog tomorrow. We are leaving this lovely condo by the lake early in the morning. And because we are insane (as I think have mentioned once or twice), we are going to attempt to make the 11 hour drive back to Kansas City... in one go. *sigh*

Have I ever told you guys that I suffer from car sickness? Well, I do. I take Dramamine, which reportedly cures all symptoms! But it only makes it less likely that I will get a headache.

But let's not talk about such sad and silly things. Instead, let's talk about happy and silly things! How many of you remember that ALL CAPS video contest that Strawburry17 had? I want to see who won. My friends and I submitted a video* (though I do no expect to win, by any stretch of the imagination). We had fun, but I should like to hear the outcome anyway.

I think I'm going to go swimming in the lake today. But Maggie, yesterday you said that the water is really, really cold! Aha, my finely observant ficticious response! You have stumbled upon the same problem that I first saw with this plan! The water in Lake Superior is very cold! But about a minute away from our condo is an alcove, where water from land meets water in lake. The junction, I have been told, is a comfortable temperature. So later we will go and see for ourselves. There might be pictures. I do not know.

I do believe I have exhausted my topics for today. Granted, it is only 9:30, and all I've done in the two hours that I've been awake is eat breakfast and check facebook, youtube, twitter, blogs. So I'll leave with some questions:

1. What's a really cool word that you've recently learned or heard?
2. What is something you are looking forward to, be it long or short term?
3. What is something interesting you want me to blog about? Or something you think I should do or try?

With silliness,

*The iPod in the video is one of my best friends, Anna. The girl singing Luke's parts is Kristen, another of my besties. Just so you can take notes. Yes, I know about that notebook that you keep, carefully accumulating little facts about me, piecing together my life bit by bit. Because I am totally someone who is stalker-worthy. *rolls eyes*

Something I learned today: No matter how early I rise, I will still be groggy in the morning. But then I'll actually wake up and be fairly alert. Doesn't matter how much sleep I've gotten. What is something you have learned?


  1. When I was younger my parents decided it would be a good idea to drive from New Hampshire to south western Wisconsin in a straight shot. 22 straight hours in a car with a then 8 year old little brother.

    I feel your pain and wish you luck on your journey.

  2. Hehe.. I'll answer the questions.

    1.) Diango - I dont know what the heck it means.. Just heard it from someone today. Didn't bother to ask.. :D
    2.) Short term - Blackberry Pearl
    Long term - Marriage
    3.) Hmm... you could blog about anything, really. But if you're ask me (which you are.. ), maybe just random things.. about yourself, music, fashion, movies.. even politics. I'm quite new to this too.. So my suggestions are pretty much predictable.

    Anyway, I'd like to invite you to visit my blog. Im looking for some bogs to follow, and some followers too. You could follow me, if you'd like. Of course, I'll follow yours too. :D