Friday, August 27, 2010

Imagination... BEDA #27

... who says you have to be a kid to have it?

I'm at Anna's house right now. I feel compelled to tell you that she is drawing a skull on her leg with my eyeliner (which I never use, but carry in my purse just in case), while Kristen does her best to thwart her efforts. This is my life as a high school senior. Actually, it gets better.

I am at Anna's because she had a Lego party! We built all sorts of crazy contraptions while singing along to A Very Potter Musical soundtrack. Then Anna made up scenarios with the Lego people while I handed her random objects to incorporate into the story and Kristen filmed it.*

Anna just said to me, "Maggie I did math on my leg with your eyeliner!" She sounded very proud of herself.

Today I went to the dentist, because I had a cavity that needed filling. I hadn't really thought about it too much beforehand, because I thought it would be a bad idea. When I was there and they were talking about the "numbing agent," I realised that they would have to give it to me through a shot. I. Hate. Shots.

Shots are my irrational fear. It's called "trypanophobia." It's not the pain of being pricked that scares me, it's the idea of a bleeping needle being in my buggering vein pumping flacking fluid. Every single time I have to get a shot I start crying. Then to distract myself I think about things that make me happy, like A Very Potter Sequel, explosion Wednesday, seeing a freshman Nerdfighter joining math team today. These are things I thought about today before they filled my cavity. The actual process of drilling and filling was fine. I'm cool with that.

I am going to leave you today with a question, dear readers.** What is your irrational fear? Tell me in the comments!

With a punctured cheek,

Something I learned today: I learned what it feels like to have one half of your face completely numb. Did you know that you can't feel pain, but you can still feel pressure? It's a strange experience.

PS Anna and Kristen just went outside. I have no idea why. I'm a little curious, but I'm going to finish up this blog and post it. Also, I'm lazy, and don't want to get up. *shrugs*

*Expect video to be posted here at some point. I'll keep you in the know.

**I know, it's been a while since I've asked a question!


  1. My irrational fear is that one day I will be walking up some stairs while simultaneously talking or smiling, trip and break my teeth on a stair. This fear has been multiplied since the removal of my braces last week.

    As you know, our school has many a flight of stairs and I have been extra careful as to not talk/smile and or trip on them.

  2. I do not understand eyeliner. Or I don't have the ability to apply it. It scares me.

    I had a chipped tooth fixed once and my nose and upper lip were numb for quite some time afterward--so weird!

    Irrational fear... hmm. Bugs, possibly, or the ocean. I don't mind looking at the ocean, or even wading a bit, but nature documentaries and even Finding Nemo scare me. :/