Thursday, August 12, 2010

Live, from Kansas City! BEDA #12

... It's Thursday night!

Dear readers,

I blog to you today from my new Netbook laptop. It was just issued to me (and my two sisters and the entirety of the incoming freshman class) mere minutes ago. Now I sit in my dining room, writing my blog.

What a day it has been. Let me tell you. *gossipy gesticulation*

It is hot. As in, upper nineties with humidity increasing the heat index up to 110 degrees. That is not right. This is like a little personal hell. I believe I have told you that I am a cold weather person. *seethes* *steams* *melts a little bit* *emulates Maureen Johnson more than a little bit*

I play piano. Did you know that? Regardless, you do now. The Wordsmith and I have lessons on Tuesdays. Except this past Tuesday my teacher forgot that we had a lesson, and was at the grocery store when we arrived. So she rescheduled for today. Apparently about once a year she forgets that she has a lesson scheduled and will be off doing something else, and this year my sister and I had the pleasure of being forgotton. I say that (surprisingly) in an unsarcastic tone.

Also today I got my haircut. Oh my gosh, Maggie, your life is indescribably thrilling. I know, tell me about it. But I felt it was worth mentioning that I cut it all off. Well, to my shoulders, at least. It hasn't been this short since my eighth grade year! *wowza*

My hair several months ago:

My hair now:

And I just found this one that my sister took. I rather like it:

Now that we have all that fascinating stuff behind us, I think I will end this blog. I am tired and cranky because of the heat, so I'm afraid this isn't very interesting. Good day to you.

With much grumpiness,

Something I learned today: I thought that I would be able to use Skype on this Netbook since it has a webcam. But it is disabled. Boo.


  1. my observations: "Why is there a Segway in the middle of this post?" seconds pass "OH CLEVER."

    Your hair cut is alway really cute. :)

  2. I like your haircut! Changes are nice. I've been keeping my hair (mostly) at my shoulders since about eighth grade, and it's so much easier than longer hair!

  3. My hair is chinlength. *grins maliciously* I sometimes forget to brush it. And it doesn't matter. *laughs evilly* Yeah, I loved the segue/segway thing.