Friday, August 20, 2010

It's raining... BEDA #20

... it's pouring.

Today turned out to be much, much more interesting than I anticipated. Which is good, because I feel as if my blogs of late have been lacking in... compelling qualities.

This weekend is the Ethnic Festival at Kansas City. Today at six I picked up Anna and Eva* and we drove to the park where it is set up. As soon as we parked and got out of the car we could smell the delicious variety of ethnic foods coming from dozens of tents. I desperately wanted to try the farofa from Brazil, chicken adobo from the Philippines, pakoras from India, curry from Indonesia, and spanikopita from Greece. But I wasn't hungry. It seemed a cruel trick for my body to play on me; here you are at the Ethnic Festival, surrounded on all sides by tantalizing cuisine, but you cannot be hungry.

A girl I met at school (though she transferred) was performing at seven, so we sat under a large pavillion and watched the dances. Soon it started to sprinkle. Fifteen minutes later, it started to rain. Then it started to pour. We decided to run to the Malaysian tent to get some food when it let up, and then we would leave. We got to the tent, and even though I still wasn't hungry I said eff you! to my stomach and bought curry puffs.

Anna got a coconut and a straw. I tried it and... it's weird. I didn't love it, nor did I really like it, but I wanted more. I just felt compelled to drink it. We finished our food and quickly walked to the car. About thirty seconds after we piled in, the skies let loose. Holy. Crap.

Roofs were no longer sufficient shelters, because the rain was coming down at a sixty degree angle (for you non-math nerds, that is closer to sideways than straight down). Umbrellas were being turned inside out by the wind. And though it was eight o'clock, it looked like midnight.

I actually had to pull over to the side of the road and put my emergency blinkers on because I couldn't see. Once we got started again, I went at a cautious 15 or 20 mph. The three of us jumped and gasped when a huge peal of thunder shook my car. And I drove through more puddles than I care to think about.

By the time I had dropped both Eva and Anna off the rain had calmed, but the thunder and lightning were still going at it, making me jump every few minutes. Then, two blocks from my house, I saw a duck. A duck! There are no ducks around here! It was in the middle of the road just standing there! It waddled off when I pulled up near it. I worry for that duck, though I probably shouldn't; ducks like the rain, yes?

My dad had come out to our porch when he heard me pull into the driveway. We stood there for a minute and looked out at the rain while we talked. I really do love storms, but I like being in my house for them. I came inside to discover that my mom was making cheesy rolls. Fortunately, although I'm still not hungry, these will be here for me to devour when I am.

Today was an accidental adventure. Besides the Ethnic Festival and rain, school was an adventure. It was in small, trivial ways that I won't bother you with, but I am just happy to be with my friends again. Anna and I are going to get hennas and drink chai tomorrow. We're just looking for adventures, but we'll be happy whenever adventure finds us.

With no hunger,

Something I learned today: Chipotle won't charge tax if you order through my school. Clearly they know that STA is a valuable customer. The girls at STA eat food like the girls on Gossip Girl have drama; in revolting quantities.

*Eva was in my advisory at St. Teresa's, which is like a homeroom. She is leaving for college tomorrow. =(

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