Saturday, August 28, 2010

Slept in late... BEDA #28

... yet still managed to be productive.

Last night I stayed up late catching up on blogs and YouTube videos. So I necessarily slept in late, too. By the time I woke up and wandered downstairs, I saw that one of The Wordsmith's friends was over. We shall call her Pips Queak, which is what her sister Sarah calls her. I think I've mentioned this before.

Anyway, I have no idea what I was planning to do today, but The Wordsmith, Pips Queak, and I ended up cleaning and rearranging The Wordsmith's room. It looks naaaaaaice! It made me want to clean, rearrange, and paint my room. Which, you know, I haven't ended up doing. Because I like the idea of these things, but actually doing them is a completely different story.

What I have started is a drawing for my sister to hang up on one of her empty walls. She wanted a picture of a faerie-type person in a red dress with grey wings, so I am obliging. Perhaps I will post pictures when I'm finished. But because I am conceited, I am going to post some pictures of work I've already completed. Enjoy! (Or don't. You can just scroll to the end, you non-enjoyers)

 This is one of the many weekly assignments I did freshman year for Drawing I. It is just pencil and paper, a little smaller than printer-paper.

I didn't quite get my face right, but I keep this one because I love the hair. A lot. Also pencil and paper.

 Sophomore year I took Advanced Drawing, where we got to draw in COLOR! This is pastel and a fairly large scale. Anna is wearing the rainbow hat, and Libby is the ginger.

The summer between my sophomore and junior years I took an oil painting class at the Kansas City Art Institute. I started this during the class and finished after it ended.

This is also an oil painting. It is from a photo of Anna that I took while we were at dinner before a dance at our school. She made the earrings out of shrinky dinks.

My junior year I took Painting. We started out with water colors, which is what this is. Every year the entire class paints this scene from a picture that our teacher projects onto a whiteboard. It's ridiculous how different each painting looks though.

In my painting class we spent about two to three weeks painting peppers. These are also watercolor.

Finally in my class we got to move on to acrylic! This is a portrait of my baby angel, Maud. She is fishing for our beta, who was named Mr. Norris.

This was the last painting that I had time to do in the class. This is The Wordsmith from about six years ago. She's drawing with chalk. Both my mom and my teacher said (independently of one another) that this was very Andrew Wyeth-esque. Which I found highly complimentary.

That is all I shall exhibit for today. I feel very pretentious, and perhaps you think me so. But it is okay if I know I'm being pretentious, right? Right??

I hope all of you had a wonderful first week of school. If not, I at least hope you survived. It's kind of sad that BEDA is almost over. I will try to blog occasionally, and I will certainly keep up with your blogs.

With pretentiousness,

Something I learned today: Just by rearranging Katie's room, it seems so much bigger. I wonder what would happen if I rearranged my room, which is already very big. *ponders*


  1. Thank you for sharing your artwork! I loved them. I think my favorite is the one of your cat--the colors are so fun! And the chalk! And... well... all of them. Which feels weird to say for some reason, but yes. Yesness. :)

  2. Wow,you are super talented, seriously. Those are amazing!
    thanks for sharing :)

  3. Your artwork is beautiful! I'm actually a bigger fan of watercolor than acrylic, but even those are amazing!

    Also, I don't start school until Wednesday XD

  4. As always, your art is very attractive. I especially like the one of your adorable little sister drawing with chalk. But that may be because I'm conceited. :)