Saturday, August 21, 2010

I just realised... BEDA #21

... after writing "BEDA #21" that it is exactly a month until I come of age in the muggle world.

I'm tired. Ohhhhhh, this just happened...

Okay, I just had a wave of intense fatigue sweep over me. It's passed, for the most part. That was weird.

No it wasn't. I just ate Indian food, which is delicious and makes me impossibly happy, but also makes me sleepy. So there. Scientific explanation.

I can already tell that this blog is going to be incoherent. Hello!

I went to the dentist today. I had to wake up at seven in the morning. And then I drove there with my mom.

I went in because I thought I had a cavity. They took a look and said I didn't. But then they took x-rays and found two spots.

It is upsetting that I have some cavities, since I have otherwise perfect teeth (according to the dentist, not the orthodontist). The orthodontist tries to sell me retainers to correct my teeth. My dentist says that I have a perfect bite and that my teeth are lovely and well-taken care of. You see why I like the dentist?

I've been going there ever since I had teeth. Today the dentist's wife, who works as the secretary, brought out a Christmas card that she'd recently found, which had a picture of me, The Diva, and The Wordsmith from about a kajillion years ago. The Wordsmith was still a baby, which would make me four years old. Yep, that is my dentist.

Besides going to the dentist today, I got materials to make henna with Anna. And Kristen joined us. We discovered that it is actually very time consuming to make your own henna. You have to brew black tea leaves for a couple hours, then once you mix everything else up, you have to let it sit for a loooooong time. The recipe we used recommended letting it sit for at least six hours.

Soooo we're just going to put it on tomorrow. We drew our designs today though. I traced my hand and then got a marker and DREW. That is what this is a picture of. I'm sure you wondered.

The design on the left is my left palm, and the one on the right is the back of my left hand. I like it. Except it will be brown. Or black. But I think brown. We'll see tomorrow.

The Diva and The Wordsmith were both out doing things (The Diva was at a soccer match, and The Wordsmith seeing Vampires Suck). So my parents and I took Anna and Kristen out to eat Indian food. Which is where this whole blog began. We have come full-circle.

CIRCLE TIME! *does the circle dance*

There is a dance for everything. I am going to go to bed now. Even though it is... Oh I just checked the time and it is 9:30. Maybe I'll watch some soccer. Perhaps I'll see The Diva in the crowd. I'll wave if I do.

With no henna yet,

Something I learned today: Instead of flossing (which I think I mentioned I don't like), I have the option to use a Water Pik (pronounced "pick"). It's a highly sophisticated machine that cleans out your gums and prevents gingivitis and cavities. Of which I have several. I realise I made it sound like I might have gingivitis. I do not have gingivitis. I am quite gingivitis-free.

I was just listening to the game that is on in the other room and I heard some announcer-guy say, "... it's quite the Cinderella story." I hate that phrase. It's worthless. Any phrases that bother you?


  1. 1) Henna = great.

    2) That is unfortunate about the cavity. I think I have one too. After they took off my braces, I noticed a small black dot that didn't flee even after several good brushings.

    3) Phrases that bother me: "Same difference" because a thing cannot be the same AND different.

  2. I can't say there is a phrase that bothers me, but I HATE the word moist.

    Back Shivers. ehhh.

  3. Vampires suck was fantastic. Edward Sullen is ten times hotter than Robert Pattinson, and Becca was actually kind of pretty. And she did an awesome immitation of Kristen Stewart's eye-twitch. I recommend it.

    And I hate it when people say "legit" or "literally" when it isn't necessary. (No, I thought you were FIGURATIVELY late for class.)

  4. Sometimes when I read your blogs, I forget it's you and think I'm reading one of Hayley's blogs. You and she have a very similar style.