Friday, August 6, 2010

Home #BEDA 6

... sweet home.

I just drove from Nowhere, Minnesota to Kansas City, Missouri. In thirteen hours... *is slightly dazed*

Instead of actually blogging *slightly hysterical laughter* I am going to list the three things I love best about getting home after vacation.

1. This is incredibly obvious, but I get to sleep in my own bed. My own big, comfy, don't-have-to-share-with-my-sisters bed! And my own ROOM! It's amazing! *ogles*

2. I get to see my pets again. I have two dogs (Jake, Lucy) and two cats (Maud, Sohpie). Maud is my cat. I missed that tiny little devil. *sniff*

3. This is so stupid, but I love being back in our kitchen. We are those crazy people who have ABSOLUTELY everything one could possibly use in a kitchen.* Necessarily, when we go stay somewhere else for a week, we keep forgetting that they don't have a strainer, they only have two pots, there are no tongs, we need a couple spatulas. In addition, we keep a full stock of things like sugar, oil, and spices. It is so, SO weird to not have all of those things just lying around.

What are YOUR three favorite things about returning from vacation?

With only a little hysteria,

*Except a blowtorch. We don't have a blowtorch. But it's on our list now, so don't worry about it. Also, I'll tell the story that involves the blowtorch tomorrow or something. It is funny. At least I think so, but I've just been sitting in a car for 13 hours and am slightly hysterical and sleep deprived. Haha! Ha.. ha.

Something I learned today: You can get headaches from sleep deprivation. I did not know this. I spoil myself when it comes to sleep. Except this week. We stayed up super late watching Agatha Christie mysteries, and I woke up early to do... er... vacationy things. What did you learn?


  1. Nice post! I hope you enjoy your day back!!

  2. Oh, travelling. >.< BEDS ARE NICE AFTER TRAVELLING. I appreciate mine most then. Also sleeping, and my own shower, and having things back where they're supposed to be. Sleep deprivation induced headaches = NO FUN. I'm sorry to hear of this.

    **I may or may not have stalked the #BEDA hashtag on twitter.

  3. Picture this amusing scene. Back to work after the Christmas break, and coworkers ask how the holiday was. At my age, the first question usually isn't "what did you get?" But it is occasionally the question. And if anyone asks it, I could casually answer (like it's the most perfectly natural thing for a middle-aged domestic type woman to have gotten), "a blowtorch." Ha ha. I hope I get a blowtorch for Christmas, because it would amuseme me, and for the Creme Brulee it would enable.
    --the Blogger's Mom