Tuesday, August 17, 2010

How did you fare? BEDA #17

... in our game of truth?

Hello, dear readers. I had senior orientation today. Not much of an ordeal in and of itself, but it was really nice to see all of my classmates again. I love my school.

Since I still need to pack my backpack and figure out what I'm going to wear tomorrow,* I'm just going to reveal to you the LIE from yesterday. Read on!

1. My favorite show is NCIS.
This is absolutely TRUE. I hardly watch any tv, but this show has captivated me. I mostly watch it online, but still. I love love love it!

2. I have only ever lived in one house (this one that I'm sitting in right now).
TRUE! There isn't much to say about this, really. I've just lived here forever.

3. The first time I went to an overnight camp was last summer.
This is TRUE. I went to a piano camp at University of Central Missouri in Warrensburg. Coincidentally, Libby had signed up for the same camp without my knowledge. A word to the wise, rooming with one of your best friends may sound like a good idea, but it's not.

4. I am really good at games like poker and murder.
I went to piano camp again this past summer, and we played card games all the time, especially murder (where one player has to wink at the others to "kill" them, without being caught). Every time I was the murderer, one of our counselors called it, even before I could wink at anybody. As he said, I looked "like someone who'd farted in an elevator." Just plain guilty. Which means that, yes, this fact was FALSE! And I don't even know how to play poker.

5. I have played and beaten Luke Conard and Jason Munday in Mario Kart.
TRUE! Occassionally they organise games over Twitter, and I LOVE Mario Kart, so I join when I can. They are insanely good at it, so I'm very proud that I beat them sometimes. =)

6. My car's name is Germ.
Also TRUE. After I got it, Anna said that we had to name it. So what gender was it? The Wordsmith and I said it was a girl, but Anna and The Diva said it was a boy. We decided that it looked feminine from some angles, but masculine from others. It was Lady Gaga! Her real name is Stefani Germanotta (I may be spelling that wrong) so we named my car Germanotta, then decided to shorten it to "Germ."

7. For a long time, my aunt thought that I permed my hair to make it curly.
Seriously. TRUE. Besides my mom, whose hair turned wavy in the past couple years, NOBODY in my family has curly hair. Nobody, whereas mine is insanely curly. She just thought that I got it done at the salon.

8. I used to dislike cats.
TRUE! I know, it's weird, since I love my baby angel sooo much now! But when I was little, we had an evil demon of a cat who HATED me. Since she was my only exposure to the feline species, I assumed that I hated all cats. Then we got Maud and Sophie. My mom told me that once when Maud was sleeping on my lap, I looked at her (my mom) and said, "I never knew I could love a cat!"
With much preparation to do,
Something I learned today: I do NOT have a test over The Thirteen American Arguments tomorrow!
*This should never be a problem. At my school we wear a uniform, which I love because it means I never have to think about what I'm going to wear. But some of the skirt orders got backed up this year, so lots of freshmen simply don't have a uniform. Thusly, no one has to wear it until next week. Which is annoying. I WANT to wear my plaid! Grr! *grumble* Well, go on, keep reading the blog.

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