Friday, August 13, 2010

And then I... BEDA #13

... *silence*
-And Then I Died by the Moaning Myrtles

I come to you on my Netbook again today, dear readers of blogs. I am testing to see what sites my school has deigned to block. Facebook, of course. And Twitter. Blogspot is most obviously not blocked, otherwise I would not be able to come to you on my Netbook.

I also discovered that Pandora is not blocked, which can only be good. If you do not know what Pandora is, click the link. Click it now.

The Diva is sitting at our desktop working on her History homework (which she of course put off until now)* and is also on her Netbook. She has just made a smiley that is very reminiscent of Spongebob the background image.

Back to Pandora. I am listening to it, which is why it continues to return to my thoughts. I am listening to a song by Charlie Winston, which reminds me that I want to rave about him. Charlie Winston is a spectacular musician. I absolutely adore him. My favorite of his songs is probably My Name, which is very dark, but musically beautiful. In Your Hands is a really fun, playful song that is, also, amazing musically. And Like a Hobo has a great music video. Oh my gosh, I'm just fangirling here! *blushes*

I just tried to link to the songs I mentioned, and made a terrible discovery! My school has blocked YouTube! This is almost unbearable! I must find a way around it. Time to put my hacking skillz to use.** Until I figure that out, however, I will just link them  from my desktop. Moving on.

My mom spontaneously decided to take The Wordsmith and I out to lunch. The Diva was still sleeping, and anyway, she claims not to like Indian food, which is what we got. Can I just say how much I love Indian food? A freaking lot, that is how much. We also stopped by the dollar store next door to pick up some pens and pencils for the school year. I love back-to-school shopping. And I love school. Which I'm sure is not normal, but I don't care. I'm not normal, and I love school.

I think that is enough for today's blog. Have a wonderful day, dear blog readers!

With much haxoring,

Something I learned today: YouTube. Is. Blocked. On. My. Netbook. Clearly, this will not fly. Do not despair, I will fix this problem, and hopefully some day this month I can tell you how I learned how to bypass the block. >=)   <--- evil smile

*I really shouldn't be talking, since I haven't finished my homework, either. Actually, I need to go finish that... I have a scary amount left. Crap.

**I went to engineering camp at Iowa State University in Ames (which is where Aaron Nordyke of Ministry of Magic went to school. No, it is not creepy that I know this. Also, he lives in Kansas City, like, five minutes from my house. Okay, I'm ending this creepiness right now). Anyway, at engineering camp we did all sorts of things, including learning one method of hacking. It is largely useless and simplistic. But I know it. And I try it sometimes.


  1. I got some pencils today. Pencils are nice.

    I got my school to unblock a few things once by sending them huffy notes through their "request this site" feature. Of course, they shouldn't have been blocked anyway. This is not so easy with YouTube/etc unfortunately. :/

  2. If you use a browser with a private browsing feature (Chrome, Safari, Firefox), the private browsing will get you into any site that's been blocked because of its type- their web blocker is able to sense if it is a forum website or has inappropriate content and blocks such sites automatically. However, that won't get you into sites they've specifically blocked- Facebook, Youtube, etc.

    I'm working on setting up some proxies and clever websites to remedy this issue further.

  3. I don't know if blogspot or Pandora are blocked on my school's netbooks. I certainly hope not- it will make the coming year much more pleasant. Youtube is block, though. Severely blocked. Like, if you go on another website that has a link to YouTube, you might as well kiss your internet access goodbye. No one has outsmarted them yet, but we continue to try....

  4. (Comment Part Two)

    Due to your raving, I just looked up Charlie Winston. Fantastic! Thank you for sharing!