Tuesday, August 31, 2010

You are cordially invited... BEDA #31

... to come to my end of BEDA slumber party!

Today is the last day of BEDA, and I am going to make it EPIC, by Jove!*

(I just realised that my computer screen was zoomed in, which was why I was staring owlishly at it. But you didn't know that before I said anything. -inches along stealthily-)

Welcome to my end of August SLUMBER PARTY! Let's play a game! Here are the rules. -passes out party blowers and glittery hats- There are no rules.** I get to make them up as I go, and I have no idea what direction this blog is going to take. -blindfolds each blog reader- Okay, now that you can't see (but can magically still read my blog, hmmmm) start dancing!

Okay, stop. I changed my mind about the dancing. I think it might be a hazard. -takes away blindfolds-

Erhm... NEXT! -dashes over to a unicorn piñata, waves wand- Okay, hit this with the closest thing to you. And in the comments, tell me what you hit it with. -waits-

Did you break it yet? OF COURSE NOT! I magicked it so that it couldn't break! -rolls on grass laughing hysterically- Oohhh, it's been a while since I've laughed that hard... ONTO THE NEXT ACTIVITY! -skips and twirls to nighttime-

It has magically become night. I WANT EVERYONE TO CHECK THEIR BACK LEFT POCKET! Use the flashlight that I sneakily stashed there to play FLASHLIGHT TAG! -runs around, flailing arms-

Floo powder power! Floo powder power! Floo powder power! -poof!-

This is my living room, which as been converted into a very large fort. -sits on floor in circle- -shines flashlight on face- Now we're going to tell ghost stories.

Once there was a little girl. She was a very happy girl. Then she found a dust bunny under her bed. But the bunny turned out to be a bloodsucking feral beast! The dust demon ate her teddy bear then flew out the window. Every night from then on she slept in fear, and with a slight twitch. The end.

Holy tuttle-monkey, that was terrifying. Let's play a happy game so that I'll be able to sleep tonight. -looks warily over shoulder- I like scattergories. -rolls die- The letter is K, and we're on list 32.75. Put your answers in the comments, as well! (Leave a second if you've already told me what you hit the piñata with.)
1. mythical creatures/monsters
2. songs with a person's name in the title
3. Things associated with the internet
4. bands with one word names
5. dog breeds
6. colors
7. Terrifying things
8. A vlogbrother inside joke
Tally up the points. Who won?***

Everybody get into your sleeping bag! What kind of sleeping bag to you have? Mine is Scooby Doo.**** -snuggles into sleeping bag- This is the part where we turn of the lights, but keep talking in whispers and giggles. -eventually falls asleep-

-everyone wakes up to the smell of blueberry pancakes and waffles- Who wants a cup of tea? Come on, let's have leftover cake while we're at it.

I think this was the perfect end to BEDA. Let's do it again sometime, shall we? -waves as everyone drives home-

With happiness,

Something I learned today: I just came to the full realization how awesome all of you are and how much I'm going to miss reading your blogs and your comments on my blog. I will certainly keep reading and commenting, and I hope you all continue to blog. Much love!

*Who is Jove?

**Actually, there is ONE rule. I want you to write everything in the comments that you do. This is an INTERACTIVE blog!


****I don't actually have a Scooby Doo sleeping bag. That would be awesome, though. The point in me telling you is so that you can MAKE UP A SLEEPING BAG! Or use a real one that you have. Either is acceptable. No, either is TOALLY AWESOME! -does the sleepingbag dance- There is a dance for everything.


  1. The only thing to my left is a fightenly large poster of James Phelps and my closet door... so yeah... not swinging that at anything. :P

    1. mythical creatures/monsters Kracon
    2. songs with a person's name in the title Kristina- ALL CAPS.might actually be called Hey Kristina... fail
    3. Things associated with the internet: Kristina!
    4. bands with one word names: Kinks
    5. dog breeds there aren't any... I may have googled it...
    6. colors: Ketchup!
    7. Terrifying things Killers!
    8. A vlogbrother inside joke: My first thought is Kathrine, but she isn't a joke, she's a person...

    I legit have a Little Mermaid sleeping bag in my closet. I'll bring that.

    Awesome party Maggie, awesome. :)

  2. 1. mythical creatures/monsters: Knarl
    2. songs with a person's name in the title: "Kelsey" by Metro Station. Blast that song, always getting stuck in my head.
    3. Things associated with the internet: "K." as in, annoying respond to an IM.
    4. bands with one word names: Korn?
    5. dog breeds: I'm gonna go with... kangaroo?
    6. colors: I can't think of one, but I would like you to know that I stayed up way past my bedtime last night watching the first act of AVPS, and I will probably do the same tonight with the second act.
    7. Terrifying things: Kar Bombers (who can't spell)
    8. A vlogbrother inside joke: I'm thinking Katherine, too....

    I believe I have a Winnie the Pooh sleeping bag if my mom didn't give it away. I know I also have one with a killer whale on it.

    Oh, and I hit an eskimo instead of the pinata. He should have gotten out of the way.

    Best sleepover I've been to in a while.

  3. Best Blogpost Ever!!!

    I hit the pinata with this speaker *holds up speaker*

    My sleeping bag is Boy Meets World It's a COLLECTOR'S!

    1. mythical creatures/monsters: The Krazy Ghost!
    2. songs with a person's name in the title: "Hey Kristina" or The Kennan and Kel Theme Song
    3. Things associated with the internet: Kthxbai
    4. bands with one word names: Korn (I swear i'm not coping these from the above comments)
    5. dog breeds: Kittens!
    6. colors: KRAZY Orange
    7. Terrifying things: Kel without Orange Soda
    8. A vlogbrother inside joke: "The Katherine"


    Keep bloging! I love reading your posts! See you at the Skype party!

  4. This is pretty much the best slumber party I've ever been to. *snuggles* :D

  5. Best. Slumber party. Ever.