Sunday, August 29, 2010

A list... BEDA #29

... of epic proportions.

FIRSTLY! I want to say thanks so so so much for your comments on my artwork yesterday! It gives me warm fuzzies to read them. So thank you! =)

Today I have much to do. So I am going to write my list here and move on, since, erhm... I have lots to do. *ahem* LIST TIME!

1. Do my homework. This is priority numba one. I estimate that it will take me *consults planner* about two hours, give or take half an hour for loafing.

2. Clean my room. IT'S A WRECK. I estimate this will take half an hour, since I don't plan on doing a pristine job.

3. Laundry. It needs be done. Ten minutes, tops.

4. Go to the bank. Fifteen minutes, unless traffic is suckish.

5. If I have time, write a script for a new video for my channel. I got about 90 new subscribers from winning the ALL CAPS contest. SO I NEED A VIDEO! Any of you have any brilliant ideas? Perhaps tomorrow I will run some by you guys. Because I trust your opinions.
6. Draft a letter of proposal to my school for improvements. My friends and I have BIG plans for something. Perhaps details later.
7. Go to a concert thingamagig with Alysa. Because she asked me to and a love her muchly. It's at five and will last who knows how long.

That is all I can think of for now. If my math is correct, this will all take me roughly 4 hours (minus the concert). Which gives me an extra three hours before I need to leave with Alysa. COOL!

Making lists is fun.

With determination,

Something I learned today: It doesn't matter that I've already taken my dogs outside twice this morning. As soon as my dad walks downstairs, they are AT the door, begging to go outside. It's ridiculous.

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