Tuesday, August 10, 2010

And the winner is... BEDA #10

...to be announced after these commercials!

Today I was going to do some service hours (I need to complete 30 before the school year starts, and I have six more to go). Buuuuutttt it turns out that the agency where I was working is closed for the summer. So shit.

But enough about that! I have really, really exciting news! You guys remember that video that I linked? The You're My iPod music video? The one that I said I didn't expect to get any sort of placing in? Our video got FIRST EFFING PLACE! *does happy dance*

It started out like this: every morning I get up and check my email. I had sixty-four emails this morning, all but one of which was from YouTube. So, being the deductive reasoner I am, I guessed that someone big had posted a link to one of my videos. So off to Twitter I go (I know, wouldn't it make more sense to go to YouTube?). ALLCAPSBAND had linked to Strawburry17's video announcing the winners! So I watch that. I expected to be in 10th place. Then I expected 9th, then 8th.

By the time it got to the "big three," I had honestly decided that the views must have come from somewhere else. But they didn't! *does happy dance again*

You guys honestly don't know how freaking excited I am. I'm using words like "freaking" for gosh's sake! And! And Tyler Oakley added me as a friend on YouTube. That is exciting shit, man!

Another good thing about this is that, since we got first, it means that we get the ALL CAPS purple t-shirt! I really, really wanted to buy that shirt. But as I'm sure I've mentioned, I am but a poor student. And now I get it for freeeee! *does happy dance yet again*

Okay, whew. I need to breath. And go do... I don't know! Do something! Sorry today's blog was just all over the place and crazy and excited and not very eloquent. BAI!

With SO much excitement,

Something I learned today: Um, that my video won the Strawburry17 contest! Dur! =D *does happy dance for the last time in this blog, I promise*


  1. I can already see Mrs. Good closing her eyes to lecture you about your service hours.

    And huzzah about the video! Victory for Agentninjaface :)

  2. That's so awesome!! *Internet high five!*

  3. Yay! Congrats! That is so awesome! Not gonna lie, if Tyler Oakley were to acknowledge my existence I would freak out.