Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I get by... BEDA #18

... with a little help from my friends.

Well, dear readers, I have survived my first day back at school. Being a SENIOR, I have many responsibilities. We had prayer service (bleh) before classes where the seniors gave medals and cards we wrote to the freshman as a "Welcome to St. Teresa's!" The idea is nice, but it took too loooooooooong!

Anna and Sarah, who went to Scotland to perform at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, brought to lunch today ginger and whiskey fudge and after-dinner mints. They are amazing and I love them and I am so glad they are back because I get to SEE them!

I do not know if I told you this, but my baby sister, The Wordsmith, started school today! She is a wee little freshman! It's strange to see her and The Diva walking around campus. Even when we went to gradeschool together we never saw each other because the school was divided into sections by grade.

I have a headache, and Alysa is coming over to show me her brand new braces-free teeth, so I am going to wrap this up. That, and I have homework to do. On the first day, I know. *eyeroll* Such is the life.

With much seniority,

Something I learned today: I forgot that my Calculus class had students from Pre-Calc (which I took last year) and Trig Analysis. So I walked in and thought that I'd come to the wrong class! Which is not something you want to think when you've just gone up two flights of stairs. Have I mentioned that our school is built UP? There are four floors in each building.

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  1. As fun as today was, I came home and collapsed. Sorry I didn't actually get to come over. Sigh. I can't sleep. The retainer is so uncomfortable.

    So here I lie. Awake.