Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Down by the Lake... BEDA #3

... where the watermelon grows.

Since I am on vacation, I am basically doing nothing. And I am doing all of this nothing with my family. So in terms of blogging, you (my dear readers) will be hearing quite a lot about this nothingness that transpires while I "chillax" with my parents and sisters. I promise, it won't last.

We are in a condo mere yards from the shore of Lake Superior. And it is quite the superior view (ahem). There are rocks for climbing, and waves for side-stepping. This morning, there is so much mist and fog curling up from the water that I cannot distinguish the sky from the water. And it is beautifully chilly.*

Last night The Diva, The Wordsmith, my mom, and I played Scattergories. For those of you unfamiliar with the game, you roll a die with the letters of the alphabet, start a timer, and try to come up with words based on a list (for example, you roll "D," and have a list of 12 topics such as "things in this room" and "girls' names." Possible answers for me would be "Dad" and "Danielle.")

I tell you this because we, being the highly intellectual yet insane (and slightly giggly) group we are, had some... interesting answers. Scenario: I rolled the letter "F." I started the timer and we wrote furiously for however long that annoying ticking goes on. Then we shared our answers and tallied up our points. The bottom of The Diva's list looked like this:

10. Things at the beach: Frat boys
11. Things you dream about: Frat boys
12. Tools: Frat boys

Needless to say, we all guffawed appreciatively at this divinely-inspired humor. I seem to recall actually rolling on the floor, laughing my ass off. Later, for the subject "nicknames" and the letter "D," three of us had different variations on Dudley's nicknames; Diddikins, Dinky Diddium, etc. Which is a testimony to our Potterheaded-ness, which I am unabashedly proud of. My mom tried to make us skip List 3 Number 6 (four letter words) because we had the letter "F" (we ignored her, and put fork, fort, and funk). And for the letter "P" and category "Things that small bad" my mom graciously put "poop," which belatedly didn't even occur to the rest of us.

But enough about me and my trivial pursuits on the shore of Lake Superior. Here are questions three that I should very much like if you answered:

1. What is the last really yummy thing that you ate (or drank)?
2. What book are you reading, and do you recommend it?
3. What's something that makes you really happy? It could be something small and seemingly unimportant. (for example, Indian food and chilly weather make me insanely happy)

*I am what I call a "cold-weather person." I really don't know how I survive in the suffocatingly humid weather in Kansas City during the summer. I get cranky in the heat, and my hair frizzes like no one's business in the humidity (you should all note that my hair is very, very curly. It is a fact that I am much too proud of and will probably mention oft in my blog). This past winter we had tons and TONS of snow. I was, predictably, delighted. My friend Anna (who I will also reference a lot) and I made this video right here after/during/before a wonderful snowstorm (I recommend reading the video description). It's a music video for ALL CAPS' Snow Day, so if you're a fan there is more incentive to watch. =D

With much alliteration,

Something I learned today: It's really hard to refrain from calling the lake "the ocean." When it looks like an ocean and sounds like and ocean, it must be an ocean, right? Wrong. Such a poser... What did you learn today?


  1. 1. Tuna Nuna Casserole!
    2. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (YES)
    3. Sticking to the "cold weather" theme... I love waking up on a weekday in the middle of winter and realising that the sun is shining and I'm not at school and subsequently doing the snow day dance.

    *dances snow day dance*

  2. 1. What is the last really yummy thing that you ate (or drank)? A Chipotle burrito... I think I'm going to go get another one today... Wait, no, my sister is making soup... darn
    2. What book are you reading, and do you recommend it? Blade of Fortriu by Juliet Marillier and YESSS!!! She doesn't have nearly a many readers as she deserves
    3. What's something that makes you really happy? Ummm... When my little dog barks... She doesn't have one of those high-pitched barks that most small dogs have. It sounds more like a big dog just on a lower volume and it's amusing watching it come from her tiny body... especially since she doesn't do it often.

  3. Firstly, Scattergories is the best game ever.

    Secondly, answers
    1. What is the last really yummy thing that you ate (or drank)? I made Mac and Cheese with hamburger in it. I'm fairly easy to please.
    2. What book are you reading, and do you recommend it? I'm reading 20 Boy Summer by Sarah Ockler only 2 chapters in, but so far so good.
    3. What's something that makes you really happy?
    Stranger than Fiction, my High School English Teacher's improv Group. I love them beyond love. At times they're my only friends in the world, and frankly, I'm okay with that.

  4. 1. Strawberry Fanta! =D
    2. As the Sun Rises by Hemingway. Halfway through, it's really good.
    3. Watching Tom Milsom on Youtube. He's just giggle-indusing.

  5. Have I mentioned that your family is awesome? Because they are. Or, at least, your commentary of them is awesome.

    1. I haven't had anything yummy today, unfortunately.
    2. Lucas by Kevin Brooks. Best. Book. Ever. Easily my absolute favorite.
    3. Playing Quelf or sitting around watching tv with my friends. Also, Dusty Madrid (which no one but me understands but that's okay).